Friday, February 28 2020
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THE SPRING OF FLORENCE APPROVES THE SEMIFINAL NATIONALS Amazing showdown of the Primavera training of ACF Firenze CSO license plate. The team coached by Mr. Roberto Bongi and reinforced by some pawns of the rose of the first team with the newly promoted Gioiello in A, gains access to the national semi-finals. The viola won in Friuli for 2-1 against Tavagnacco ..

(one of the strongest formations in Italy at the level of the youth sector and whose first team plays in Serie A) the quarter-final return leg. Passed the disadvantage in the first half with an own goal by Gori they signed the comeback with the Bellandi network and with a missile from the distance of Alessandra Nencioni. At the end the match was over with the same score: after the double advantage of the Florence the Friulians had scored in the recovery the goal that kept them in the running. Graphistudio? Florence 1-2 Goal: pt 43? Zuzzi; st 27? Nencions, 33? Bellandi Graphistudio Tavagnacco: Mareschi, Gama, Fantoni, Stabile, Chiarvesio, Simeoni, Martina (40? St Cargneletto), Cucchiaro (30? St Pezzarini), Zuzzi (44? St Lorenzi), Broili (42? St Per?), Bredariol (45? St Ilic)? All. Talotti Florence: Casazza, Gori, Baldini (20? St Bellandi), Binazzi, Sarchielli (45? St Calzolai), D? Ippolito, Barreca, Nencioni, Talanti (44? St Pratesi), Parrini, Piazzino? All. Bongi Referee: Toneatto di Udine

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