The 97 Orlandia liquidates the Pink Sport Time with a dry 4-1

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.A defeat that costs elimination from the Primavera Championship The girls of Pink miss the chance to become the queens of southern football in the Spring Championship. The team from Bari loses at home with Orlandia 97 and fails to qualify for the next round of the tournament The game that should have consecrated the formation of coach Isabella Cardone, after winning for 2-1 in the group with the Pro Reggina 97 in Calabrian earth, is played in a distracted and unconvincing. The girls who only two weeks ago had won the Coppa Puglia by clearing with a dry 2-0 the very strong Francavilla are just a beautiful memory. The team from Bari? lazy and succeeds only at times to impose his game. But the main causes of the defeat are attributable to too many errors in the door and to some defensive distractions that at these levels are often punished with the goal by the opponents. In summary, the game saw Pink make the race in the first twenty minutes before a counter-attack, thrown from a lost ball in midfield, brought the girls guests ahead. The recovery sees the two teams face each other with a certain balance, until the goal of a draw arrived after a scrum in the area, by Antonella Schino. After the network there is a team waiting for us to believe it and try the impossible to get the victory, but not? cos ?. The girls of Pink leave the initiative to the opponents who take advantage of their greater technical rate and their greater experience crush the home team. The Pink starts again and manages to miss a clear opportunity to take the lead. This time the historic sentence? Goal wrong, goal now ?, which on many occasions had helped the Bari, punishes. In fact, after an umpteenth defensive distraction, the Orlandia passes and goes on the 2-1. The discomfort pervades the soul of the athletes of Pink who can no longer? to respond to the attacks of Sicilian girls. L? Orlandia takes over and the baresi show off the worst performance of the season. Not ? a case that on other two defensive general sleeves are born as many goals that fix the result on the final 4-1. At Pink, there remains the bitterness of defeat and now I touch? to their coach, Cardone, raise the morale of his team. The technician will have to? hurry up the commitments of the championship and the Championship of the Regions looming, everyone is expecting another magic. GF
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