Friday, February 28 2020
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THE FIAMMAMZA WINS THE ITALIAN SUPERCOPA GAZZOLI GOAL AND THE BIANCOROSSE CENTRATE ANOTHER PRESTIGIOUS GOAL SAINT VINCENT (AOSTA)? Fiammamonza, the new champion of Italy, also won his first Super Cup by beating Bardolino for 1 at 0 after a very tight and emotional match. A goal from the usual Gazzoli at 16? the second time gives the Brianza this? another prestigious laurels after the recent tricolor that for the whole season will remain? sewn on the chest. Biancorosse who demonstrate that they have overcome the disappointment of elimination in Women's Cup and approach the difficult match with the right look. Start of brand giallobl ?, Bardolino pushing but after a quarter of an hour or so of play the Fiamma takes the measures and builds two important goal balls, both failed. First, an excellent speech by Marchitelli on Panico, the extreme Monza will be? decisive also at the 45? on a free kick by Boni ... in the picture: Elena Rivolta

The recovery opens, uncertain, until the 16? Ramera finds Gazzoli in the area with a precise assist, the bomber jumps his marker and slips into the net by beating diagonally. The Bardolino is not there and presses on the accelerator gradually increasing its offensive potential thanks to the grafts of Mr. Longega but the Fiamma holds. Marchitelli climbs into the chair on Boni and Gabbiadini twice, the central defense Rivolta, assisted by the usual performance of Captain Schiavi, dispute a wonderful race in coverage and the result remains blocked while the Brianza try to sting on the break. The final whistle of Mr. Peron of Biella marks the victory of the Flame which, with this result, proves to be ready to defend the Italian title just won with authority. BARDOLINO: Brunozzi, Placchi (68 'Girelli), Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Rodella (88' Mascanzoni), Boni, Tuttino, Barbierato., Riboldi, Gabbiadini, Panico - All. Renato Longega (Picarelli, Toselli, Ledri, Manzoni, Volpi) . FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Balconi, Rivolta, Schiavi, D'adda, Donghi, Ceroni, Murelli, Ronsivalle (65 'Dede'), Gazzoli, Ramera - All. Nazzarena Grilli (Ferraro, Bertoni, Franchin, Palmieri, Liberati, Vinci). REFEREE: Filippo Peron (Biella). Assistants: Source and Lords NETWORKS: 16? st Gazzoli. NOTES: Land in good condition, ammonite Donghi and Ronsivalle. 4 corner kicks at 3 for Bardolino

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