Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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The New Bari takes its best from the public, inflicting a dry 9 to 0 to the rivals of Barletta. The race had no importance for the classification, but for the 22 girls in the field still had the flavor of a final, given the historic and fair rival? that binds the two clubs, always competing with each other. Mister Pappagallo fielded the best training, except for the fantasist Buonamico, remained home for family reasons; Enza Fracchiolla takes his place between the piles and Anaclerio returns to the midfield after the last championship bench. In the picture: in the foreground the smallest of the group, BARBARA "CASSANO" MINAFRA, in the background NONNA ENZA FRACCHIOLLA ... In the first part of the race the two teams are equivalent in terms of the game, but are the red and white Bari to go close to the goal, first with an Anaclerio stake and then with a shot from outside the area of ​​Ceci. After a phase of study, we think bomber Papapicco to unlock the result by collecting from the edge of the area a postponement of defense Barlettana and hitting the ball that slips into the low corner of the opponent's goal. They spend a few minutes and Isabel Pugliese launches Tonia Di Turi that exceeds in speed? two opponents and with a precise diagonal doubles the score of goals. At the end of the first half the referee expelled the striker D? Aniello, realizing he had committed two bad fouls within a few minutes, and the Barletta finally broke. In the second half prairies are opened for the leaders who spread by scoring seven goals, 4 with bomber Papapicco and one each with Pugliese, Ceci and baby Barbara Minafra, on his first goal with the first team. At the final whistle? party for the goleada, party for the promotion, party for the victory of clean and pure sport, the one light years away from the billions and the scandals of the male football. THE SUPER-PAGELLONE FRACCHIOLLA: if she had brought the crosswords would be bored much less ?. VOTE: 8 (for the tanning?) LAVOPA: for the umpteenth time, plays perfectly ?. Does the A2 wait for you? VOTE: 8 LAFORTEZZA: to see it? should we always have to play it only with Barletta? perfect match. VOTE: 8 PUGLIESE:? in a period of dazzling form, in which it does everything well and does not miss a shot. VOTE: 8,5 SANAPO-TROTTA: good the first time, after the expulsion of D? Aniello pass the shot to tell fatterelli ?. VOTE: 8 (half? Each?) VOLPICELLA: does not mark, but serves assists and charms ?. But she also enchants standing still? VOTE: 8 ANACLERIO: the air of the derby regenerates her, it's a pity that she does not find the way to goal. VOTE: 8 PAPAPICCO: no comment ?. VOTE: 10 AND LODE OF TURI: not? in a period of form, but also to her the air of the derby is good ... VOTE: 8 CECI: comes the Barletta, and the phenomenon returns ?. VOTE: 8 MINAFRA: the baby phenomenon enters, enchants, marks and makes everyone happy ?. VOTE: 9
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