Sunday, 26 January 2020
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A COMPETITION FROM THE ALMOST DISCOUNTED OUTCOME ENDS WITH THE 46 INTRUCTURE? FOR NUMERICAL INFERIORITY OF THE GIRLS OF THE INTERNATIONAL TARANTO The TARANTO was on the pitch at LECCE in the most classic of the derby that was also a leader in the standings and that on the eve it seemed more useful to TARANTO that needed to make a result that the consolidated LECCE in the high quarters of the classification in highly modified training were in fact, only eight players and two goalkeepers were present at the call, and then went down with ten players including the priceless ORLANDO fielded by PALMAS in the middle of the field, who during the week faced a real protest of his players towards the company ? and its president protests that resulted in Sunday with the non-response to the convocation with the most various reasons and justification of a large part of the team so that as we said you found yourself in ten to leave for LECCE risking indeed not to leave for nothing risking so the defeat at the table resulting in fine fine Captain CARAMIA and Mister PALMAS were able to stop the girls and then you could leave for LECCE. Turning to the game the LECCE entered the field determined to make the race without giving anything to the cousins ​​most in need of points ecosi in fact after just eight minutes passed in advantage on the CARRIERI ANNA autorete after deviation of the TENIO. It starts and for about twenty minutes the TARANTO plays and holds the comparison so that with two punishments becomes dangerous first with CARAMIA and pious with STANTE who bribes LEGGIERI alone in front of the goalkeeper but this last lick the ball from a favorable position of hit on the ground a storm throws back into the game, which makes things even more difficult for TARANTO, which in fact is counterattacked by 23? the second Goal under heavy rain start the trouble for CARAMIA and companions in fact first CARAMIA and then STANTA were injured and remained in the field for signing the honor so came the three to zero for the LECCE continuing to play in obvious inferiority? Did you get to the 45? of the first half when the LECCE led to four marks with an unregistered net on charge to the goalkeeper TENIO in the excited action was also injured CARRIERI then whistle of the referee and all in the locker room to return to the field for the second half Mister PALMAS was forced to leave in the locker room CARAMIA STANTE CARRIERI AND ORLANDO so the referee because there was in the field the minimum number of players allowed by the regulation whistled the end of the race. This Sunday was a bad Sunday for the women's football TARANTO that you leave? of the stracchini and that surely during the week will require a clarification between the parts PRESIDENT Carati Calciatrici and Tecnico to understand future programs and see how to face the next races starting from Sunday where at home the TARANTO faces the MONTAQUILA rear light of the B series DOMOCONFORT LECCE: Martucci R., Toscano, Ambrosino, Potenza, Pezzuto, Punzi, Di Meo, Goncalves De Carvalho, Pindinello, Mortari, Majado - Coach: Pietro Lucia INTERNATIONAL TARANTO CF: Tenio, Orlando G., Simone, Stante, D'elia, Gallandro, Lawyers, A. Carrieri, Carrieri Ann., Caramia - Coach: Giuseppe Palmas Referee: Alberto Di Stefano Networks: 3 'Goncalves De Carvalho (D), 8' Mortari (D), 25 'Goncalves De Carvalho (D), 35' Di Meo (D) Ammonites: none Expelled: none
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