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1 is over at 0 with the help of the house psdrone the challenge between the Barcon and the Graphistudio Campagna. To decide the race? it was a defensive error of the maniaghesi. BARCON 1 GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN 0 BARCON CF: Saccozza, Carboni, Pizzolato, Durante, Zannella, Zanesco, Lazzaro R., Martinello, Bittante, Fighera, Trevisanello (82 'Drusian) - Coach: Claudio Comin ACF GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN: Buiatti, Vattolo, Domini , Marcon (62 'Belgrade), Jos ?, De Candido, Sedonati, Salvestrin (46' Marks S.), Chiappolino, Delli Zotti, Dal Fabbro (77 'Rossi) - Coach: Chiara Fonzari Networks: 57' Fighera (B) IS? ended with a result of 1 0 that rewards the leaders Barcon, the challenge between the Graphistudio Campagna and the team of Treviso. A game played very well by the maniaghesi in the first part of the game in which the scoring opportunities were not missed, but a little? disappointing in the second, when the Campaign dropped the pace, letting the Venetians take over the field. In the first half, it was the girls of the coach Fonzari who held the ball of the game, making sure that the two teams played for almost all forty-five minutes in the half? field of the Barcon leaders. Many network occasions that have seen the whole offensive department of Friuli have been protagonist at different times and have been different for ?, even the inaccuracies at the time of finalization, a factor that has not allowed Graphistudio to achieve the goal that would have unlocked the result. So, at the start of the second half the game was still at zero. Precisely in this second fraction for ?, the trevigiane have raised a bit? the rhythm of the meeting, probably driven by more motivations? strong compared to those of maniaghesi. In fact, with this victory, the Barcon is? mathematically awarded the primacy of the ranking, earning then, the one in series A2 for next season. Despite the interest in winning the three points up for grabs were greater, the Venetian formations did not? managed to achieve the game goal if not al20 'when, more? because of a defensive error of the entire collective host, which for the merit of the premises, the Barcon? managed to take the lead with the Fighera network Shortly after, the landlords still have the opportunity. to double, thanks to a penalty kick granted by the referee, but kicked badly by the player Lazzaro. ?I am a bit? demoralized for the epilogue of this race - said the President of the company? maniaghese, Antonello Colle? especially since the goal? stemmed from our avoidable error. However, I can console myself in having seen my team play a first time at high levels against a strong team like the Barcon. Now we will try to close the championship with a flourish, winning the last race against Caprera.
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