Atletico Oristano - Agliana 0-3

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L? Agliana gets rid of the Oristano practice in less than 25? and regained the seventh place in the standings just three points from Milan. First Mauro, then double stamp of Pizzichi ([i] pictured [/ i]) and the victory travels by ship to Tuscany. ORISTANO. Absent the pair of attack Fuselli-Ciardelli, Mr. Biagiotti, in the stands to serve the disqualification, change the team on the advanced front: inside Pizzichi, Tardelli a few meters more? forward with Pini to play behind their backs. After the injury is also part D? Agostino to push on the left hand side but? on the other lane that after just three minutes the neroverdi shoot the first cartridge. Mauro cuts well from the right, receives the cut of Pizzichi and starts an unstoppable fireball under the crossbar. 1-0 and the road? gi? descent. They spend a few minutes el? Agliana tries again. Technical network tests: Pini frame the door well on a free kick but Spissu rejects a corner, D? Agostino instead takes the post from two steps. The third attempt for? ? the right one. 18? Pizzichi hooks well in the area and pierces the net. Second seasonal marking for the number? 8? that repeats to the 24? with an at least imaginative stroke. Shoulders at the door the tip receives ball hitting the target without even having to turn but above all remaining standing. The match ? now closed with the lock and starts the challenge of Pini, looking for the first stamp in the league but does not pull back when? necessary to light the way for the companions. 25? Launch with the tachometer of the number? 18? for Mauro, who shoots, Spissu rejects on the feet of D? Agostino who is unable to hit the goal. To attend another occasion you have to wait for the 48? with a conclusion from Pini that the home defender still deflects for a corner. Space for substitutions: in Ercoli, Lobbia and the young Lamorte with whom the Florentine midfielder divides? the scene. 77? the girl coming from the nursery is ready to be rejected by Spissu, the emotion of an almost debutant at the first appointment with the net may betray her and her shot goes off in the arms of the number? 1 ?. 78? and 80 ?, Pini is still unleashed but for her the door looks armored with a double send. L? Azzurrina still against Spissu that for the last two times it exceeds the exit and on a fireball destined to bag. Hands in the hair but shots in the barrel that promise well for the next two important commitments: closing the championship against Bardolino and the Coppa Italia semifinal marted? next against Tavagnacco. NETWORKS: 3 'Mauro P., 18' Pizzichi, 24 'Pizziche ATHLETIC ORISTANO CF: Spissu, Atzori, Solinas, Masia, Mattana (31' Marchetti), Ogno, Lenzu, Serra D., Deiana E. (82 'Lugas) , Concas, Mascia - Coach: Barbierato AIRCARGO AGLIANA CF: Frediani, Cagetti F., Cacciatori (58 'Lobbia), Di Costanzo C., Ugolini C., D'agostino A. (46' Ercoli S.), Baldi S. , Pini C., Mauro P., Tardelli, Pizzichi (68 'Lamorte) - a disp: Cupido, Passaglia, Staropoli Coach: Biagiotti ARBITRATOR: Marongiu Noemi Diamantini
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