Atalanta vs. Graphistudio 3 - 2

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GRAPHISTUDIO MUST RETURN THE SALVATION PARTY Appointment with the postponed salvation. The Graphistudio, in fact, is defeated by the transfer of Bergamo for 3 to 2. And the goal of the orobic victory? arrived, like an icy shower, at the 92? when the Graphistudio had just grabbed the long-awaited save point. Not ? served the reaction of the Friulians that in the second half, under two goals, they first shortened the distances with a punishment by Di Filippo (24?) and then found the equal with a? framed by Penickova. Not ? served why? at the 47 Ramera, head, he mocked Marcutti, not free from faults on the cross coming from the right. The race had opened in the sign of Atalanta, who showed a greater bite in the field, looking for more? shooting the goal .. both with articulated maneuvers (especially on the right) and with great conclusions from the distance. And just from a volley from the 20 meters? arrived the first network of landlords signed by Ravasio, at 20 ?. Thirteen minutes more? late doubling: Mangili dodges the marking of the Friulian rear and dribbles to the right of Marcutti. The reaction of the Graphistudio always passes by the feet of Di Filippo, who tries to worry the Nerazzur exploiting the set pieces. But we must wait for the recovery because? the national team, with the complicity? of the extreme Lombard defender, the 2 network at 1. Shorten the distances the girls of Modonutti, they return to hope, and hope becomes reality? at the 45? with Penickova who deflects Di Filippo's free kick from the head. Everything seemed ready for the party, until Ramera decided to write his name on the scorecard. And so? at Graphistudio all that remains is to wait for next Saturday the challenge with Reggiana, which today, against Torres not? went beyond the 0 to 0. The ranking now sees Atalanta at 18, Graphistudio at 21 and Reggiana at 22 (mathematically saves). Only two the next year will still be among the big women's football. NETWORKS: 20 'Ravasio, 33' Mangili, 70 'Di Filippo, 90' Penickova, 92 'Ramera PCA FEMALE ATALANTA: Gritti A., Zizioli, Rota M., Busi C., Rota N. (83' Marini L.) , Mangili (93 'Gambirasio), Scarpellini, Natali P., Ramera, Ravasio, Tomassone (46' Caio A.) ​​- Coach: Tacchini GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marcutti, Dona ', Martinelli M. (60' Bologna), Simonato, Simeoni , Stabile, Di Filippo, Bucovaz, Penickova, Bedin N. (60 'Piva), Tomasella (83' English) - Coach: Modonutti REFEREE: Rago AMMONITI: Rota M. (P) Erica Beltrame
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