Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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THE DREAM E? REALTA? .. CHAMPIONS OF ITALY? MEDIGLIA (MI). With a day in advance at the end of the tournament the Fiammamonza graduates as a champion of Italy. The formation of Nazarena Grilli beats Milan away (Chiara Gazzoli's network in the first half) and earns, by right, a place of honor in the history of Italian women's football, history of which? was the protagonist documented in 36 years of commendable activity. An unequivocal triumph; biancorosse unbeaten in the league, best defense active, direct comparisons all in favor. A success that has the extraordinary if we take into account that the Brianza had not started with the favors of the forecast and that, instead, they knew how to dominate for almost the entire season thanks to a constant and granitic performance of a group of girls for the great part grown in the greenhouse nursery and assembled without disproportionate waste of economic resources. A large dressing room, a great technician, all united towards the goal. A fairytale, with a happy ending. A deserved, well deserved victory in a tournament, the women's soccer series A, which is growing visibly at a tactical, technical and athletic level. A victory that gives the definitive consecration to a society, the Fiammamonza, which in women's football has always believed, since the dawn, when there were many, too many, to turn up their noses. A victory that the current board of the Asd Fiammamonza, its technicians, executives, professionals and athletes all dedicated with affection to its founder, Professor Reno Ceraso, founder in the distant 1970 and Mr. Fabrizio Levati, co-founder and mister of the first team from the first day up to what has decreed its premature death, in the 1995. 25 years, almost a life on the bench of sports, sacrifices and loyalty ?; 36 years for the Fiammamonza, of sport, sacrifice and loyalty? and, today, a championship full of immense pride to be shared with all its fans and the whole city? of Monza. Next Saturday, at the Sada stadium in Via Guarenti 1 in Monza at 15, last day of the championship, Fiammamonza? Oristano, with the great red and white party. The entrance? free, the invitation? for everyone. MILAN: By Bernardo, Celentano, Sancassani, Dudine, Perelli, Lenci (56 'Casali), Laddaga (53' Piolanti), Bernardi, Cama, Lanzarin, Croce - All. Paolo Mincioni (Di Giulio, Glino, Bruscaini, Cammarata, Pagano ). FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Balconi, D'adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Greek (91? Donghi), Gazzoli (89 'Hofer), Paliotti, Murelli, Liberati (59' Dede '), Stracchi - All. Nazzarena Grilli (D? Ambrosio , Vinci, D? Andolfo, Del Fiol). REFEREE: Perrotta di Biella NETWORKS: 18? Gazzoli NOTE: Land in fair condition. 300 viewers around. Ammonite Bernardi (M) and Gazzoli (F).
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