Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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THE GREAT TALE OF 100 GIALLOBLU 'AL SADA OF MONZA. FOR TWICE IN ADVANTAGE REACHED AND EXCEEDED IN THE RESUMPTION. TERMINATE 4 TO 2 FOR THE LOMBARDS TO THE COMPLEX OF 1500 SPECTATORS. THE APPLAUSE OF THE CURVE GIALLOBLU 'TO THE YOUNG GARDENSANE. The Senini coach Bardolino Renato Longega seems to have been interviewed by SKY 866 at the end of the race that has given the Scudetto to the Brianza team. <Of course there is a certain disappointment c '?, but we still played a good game, especially in the first half we produced many actions while Monza was able to finalize in the best way those that have happened. 'And the year of Monza, yes? understood when from the possible 3 to 1 we have substituted the 2 to 2 in the recovery of the first half. Did some of our young people perhaps feel the importance of the stakes and? was conditioned by the general public, but we could not ask for more. The season is not? still over, we want the Italian Cup that would allow us to meet again the Monza for the revenge in the Super Cup!> Large audience at the Sada of Monza, about 1.500 spectators with the ultras of Monza men mobilized to support the female team. Supporters giallobl? however, they made themselves felt, arrived aboard a coach and several cars the hundred Veronese supported from the first to last minute the Garda in the field. Armed with drums, megaphones and flags, the Scaliger supporters led by Iole Volpi and Siro gave a big applause to the yellowblack girls at the end of the match? protagonists of a very long season that, among innumerable injuries, led to the victory in the Super Cup and the qualification for the Coppa Italia final-four. - SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP: Part this Monday? the spring adventure of the Bardini Senini in the national category stage. With the beginning of the 20,00 baby yellowbl? they will take the field at the Stadio Fersina in Trento against Clarentia Trento. The Senini Bardolino? been inserted in a triangular together with Tavagnacco and Clarentia. In the first race the Friulians of the tavagnacco were imposed on the Trentino for 4 to 1. the first classified at the end of the mini round with one-way races qualifies for the quarter-finals. 'And this verdict resulted at the end of 96 intense minutes played in a Sada Stadium crowded by over 1.500 spectators, one hundred those of faith giallobl ?. Fiammamonza and Senini Bardolino, that is, first against second, gave life to a balanced race, full of overturns in front. The company won the Brianza, more? cynical and ruthless in the area-goal, in the presence of a team from Verona that in moments it has revealed the inexperience of the many young people forced to field in the field by Mr. Longega. Lightning advantage of the Italian champions outgoing 30 seconds from the whistle: Camporese serves Tuttino that with a conclusion from outside the area freezes marchitelli and the public white-red faith. The Brianza do not break up and at the first mistake of the rear guard strike with frontals that also overcomes Comin and deposits the ball one by one. They spend eight minutes and Bardolino returns to the advantage: a free kick by Brumana not held by Marchitelli, Turra tries with a deflected ball on the post, Gabbiadini bursts into action. 'It is the best moment for the Veronese who press for the third network. The Lombards resist and in the recovery of the first fraction find again the same: you understand that? just the year of Monza when the opportunist Gazzoli puts in two steps. Swinging the recovery with opportunities on both fronts. To break the balance we think to the 14 'Venusia Paliotti that with a great conclusion nell'angolino scucetto the badge with yellowbl? and directs it on the white-red ones. In the cesarini area, the ground floor of the new entry Ded? goes in a forest of legs and bags at the end of the pole starting the party Brianza for a tricolor expected by 35 years! The goals of the match on Sunday on Telearena 22,30 in "All Amateurs" and in the TG Sport. Full deferred commentary on Monday? about 17,15 about RAISPORT (satellite and terrestrial digital). Summary marted? at 20,30 on Venetosat (893 SKY channel) and at 21,00 on Televeneto.
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