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REJECTED THE BARDOLINO ASSAULT, A POINT TO ENTER IN HISTORY FIAMMAMZA - BARDOLINO 4-2 (2-2) MONZA. In an extraordinary day of sport, 1000 spectators in a Sada stadium for two hours returned to the glories of the past, the Fiammamonza puts an end to the Italian Serie A games and beating 4 to 2 Bardolino in the direct comparison virtually sews the Scudetto on the chest. Only the mathematics is missing, a point, for the confirmation with the Brianza who have to face Milan away from home and Oristano back to the Sada. An extraordinary day of sport, we said, which gave women soccer what is too often denied, affection, attention and popular consideration. A thousand, maybe more? people, with large guest representation, many? virgins? all, we believe, satisfied at the end to have witnessed a show probably beyond expectations. Great game, two beautiful teams and race that could not be bad and just tactics because, and fortunately, the girls do not know and do not want to do these calculations. In fact, the match pi? important of the year opens with a goal scored in times of guinness: just 20 seconds and guests have gone ahead incredibly. Kick off, ball on the right to Tuttino who sees Marchitelli out of the poles and throws a thirty-foot ball that slips at the crossroads. Goals shock for the red and white, petrol for the Veneto who will do a great first half. Monza for? do you keep, as you did in the past and at the 18? find the balance with his ferret; Paliotti goes off of strength and speed? in Lonardi, he skips Comin and deposits on the net. Does Bardolino play the game, the Flame? contracted, not at all used to competitions and stands like that. The yellowbl? for? they pass thanks to a gift of local defense. Punishment of Brumana, Marchitelli not holding back and then the ball carambola on the pole before Turra arrives and the scaraventi on the net. E? the worst moment for Grilli's team, morally proven, but c ?? time to fix it? after having reorganized the ideas the Fiammamonza finds the second draw just at the end of the first half with Gazzoli that in the Veneto area guesses the winning stroke in the last possible assault before the whistle of the referee. Things have changed since returning from the locker rooms. The Flame starts with another look, at 1? Comin para on yet another idea of ​​Paliotti with the inertia of the race that slowly turns. At the 10? jolt of the champions in charge with Gabbiadini that turns on the fly very well but sends the ball high on the crossbar, for? the ball of the game? passed into the hands of Monza, which, in fact, at 16 ?, goes still. Gazzoli's awesome tower-assist, Paliotti arrives and shoots a flight on the fly right at the intersection. The team of Longega seems more? tired, after the excellent kick of the first half now s? entrusting long shots to look for Gabbiadini but not? still beaten. At the 37? Cassanelli comes heads and makes a cross-shot from the left that crosses the whole area and then goes off at the bottom of the palm from the pole of Marchitelli. E? the last possibility? granted, the Fiammamonza? toned and 41? closes the race thanks to the new entry Ded? kicking a ball from the twenty meters on which two companions fist, the ball slips between the legs and bags behind Comin. Match finished, the red and white party begins. L? Asd Fiammamonza would like to thank the ultras and Monza Club of Monza Calcio of C1 who came to support the team of their city; we believe with a pinch of presumption (forgive it) that it was worth it. FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli; Balconies, D? Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi; Greco, Gazzoli, Paliotti, Murelli, Liberati (36? st Ded?), Stracchi. All. Grilli (Ferraro, Vinci, D? Andolfo. Donghi, Hofer). BARDOLINO: Comin, Lunardi, Turra, Motta, Girelli (9? St Mascanzoni), Cassanelli (38? St Franceschetti), Camporese, Gabbiadini, Gozzi (12? St Bonometti), Brumana, Tuttino. All. Longega (Berti, Zanoletti, Toselli, Boni) REFEREE: Metelli di Chiari (Tangi and Marino di Milano). NETWORKS: 1? Pt Tuttino (B), 18? Paliotti (F), 22? Turra (B), 47? Pt Gazzoli (F), 16? St Paliotti (F), 41? st Ded? (F). NOTES: Land in fair condition. About 1000 spectators, present the SAB (the C1 Monza soccer organized ultras) and the Monza Club Calcio Monza directors. Also present was the councilor for sport of the municipality of Monza Dino Dolci. Ammonita Tuttino (B), 1 recovery? + 4 ?. 3 corner kicks at 3.
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