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The Graphistudio Tavagnacco surpasses Milan and continues to hope Tactical order, concentration in the field, aggressiveness? and a lot of determination. Here are the ingredients that have given the Graphistudio, yesterday, to conquer the field of Milan, at the end of a race full of emotions and plot twists. It ends one by two, with girls yellowlob? who hug each other in the middle of the field and the bench that celebrates them. An important victory, which d? morale to the team in view of the final rush and that allows the Graphistudio to stretch on the Atalanta (now less than three) and to grab the Reggiana (at 18 quota). At the start of the race were the hosts of the Milan to touch twice the goal, missing the goal clamorously. At the 5? Llenci descends to the left, jumping Stable and finding space to make up a cross at half-height that Cama, all alone, shoots high. At the 17? are still the girls trained by Mincioni to shake the rear friulana, with Croce, however, from a good position kicks out the mirror of the door defended by Marcutti. The Graphistudio tries to respond with maneuvers that always lead the paw of Di Filippo, particularly inspired yesterday, and of Gama. But at the 23? on the developments of a corner kicked by the Friulan 10 number? Captain Don? to find acrobatic, back to the door, the winning touch. Zero to one, and the Friulians start to believe it. The first fraction slips away without further clamorous goal actions, but with the game that is always lively and on good rhythms. In the second half at the 20? the goal of Sancassani arrives like an icy shower, directly on a free kick. The player, from the left corner of the area finds the winning corner and exceeds Marcutti with a shot to turn that bypasses the barrier first and then slips under the crossbar. IS? the turn of the race for the giallobl ?, which prove not to be satisfied with the punticino but are pouring, with insistence, in the half? Rossoneri field. And yet? still Milan to touch the goal, with Cama that only in front of Marcutti, kicks to the stars. The Graphistudio continues to grind game, inspired by a Tommasella capable of dictating the rimi to the team, a Bologna capable of spreading across the entire offensive front and the usual Di Filippo. And at the 34? arrives the goal of liberation, Bologna on the left exceeds in dribbling an opponent and serves in the center a perfect assist for Di Filippo who is found in the right place at the right time and bags in goal. The last minutes of suffering, with Milan trying to win the draw, only serve to make more? sweet the final victory. For more information Press Manager Graphistudio Erica Beltrame 347 0399767 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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