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THREE DAYS FROM THE END OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP RIAPERTO, THE SENINI BARDOLINO FORMAT BABY BATTS THE MONTI DEL MATESE AND COMPLETE THE TOWARDS BETWEEN TORINO AND MONZA LEARN TO -3 FROM THE BRIANZOLE ON THE TOP. AND ON SATURDAY THERE IS THE DIRECT DISCOUNT ... - INTEGRAL DIFFERITY OF THE WEDNESDAY AT THE 14,30 ON SKY 866 POINT SAT. three days after the conclusion of the top women's soccer championship, the games for the Scudetto reopen: Senini Bardolino, pushed by an extraordinary audience, beats Xianumx to 2 the Monti del Matese and, thanks to the fireworks squad of the leaders Monza on the Turin field, it goes to three lengths from Brianza. The Verona training, filled with young people of the spring for the disqualification of Tavalazzi, Cassanelli and Ficarelli, and the injuries that occurred to Boni, Volpi and Barbierato, deserved the victory with an impeccable race conduct. The advantage yellowbl? arrives gi? at 0 'thanks to the returning Elisa Camporese from inside the area resumed a short rejected and beats the number one Molise with a precise diagonal. In midfield captain Tuttino strives in a great job while Gabbiadini forward, returning after two months of stop, fight on all the tandem balls with the inspired Brumana. The reaction of the Molisees is not seen and? the formation of home to go close to doubling the closing time with Paola Brumana who heads to the side on the perfect cross of the young Girelli. In the second half the music does not change with the Bardolino that produces pleasant actions in search of the network of tranquility. Doubling that arrives at the 13 'on the developments of a corner kick beaten by Camporese: spectacular reverse of Brumana who finds on the goal line a defender to repel perhaps with an arm, resumes Gabbiadini but his conclusion is again rejected. Cristiana Girelli then thinks of it, starting from the first minute on the bag of the two zeroes. At the final whistle? great the exultation of the athletes and the Veronese public at the news of the draw grenade with the leaders Monza. Despite the many adversities? the shield is not? still unstitched by giallobl jerseys? and on Saturday the Bardolino girls will go to the field of the aware Brianza, despite the heavy absences, to be able to try the business. - In the section -A A-tab and ranking. - On TV full-length news of the race Wednesday? at 28 on SKY 14,30 Punto Sat (in clear). Summary marted? at 866 on Veneto Sat (20,30 SKY) and at 893 on Televeneto NETWORKS: 21,00 'pt. Camporese, 13 'st. Girelli. SENINI BARDOLINO: Comin, Lonardi, Turra, Motta, Mascanzoni, Girelli (28 'St. Franceschetti), Camporese, Tuttino, Gozzi (29' St. Bonometti), Gabbiadini (7 'St. Battistoli), Brumana. All. Neboli (replaces Longega disqualified) MONTI DEL MATESE BOJANO: Altieri, Biallo, Rana, Lanzieri, Sorvillo, Valetto, Berarducci, Benedetti, Marino (40 'St. Abate), Masia, Coluzzi (34' St. Fracassi). All English. REFEREE: Ponzeveroni of Padua. AMMONITE: Valetto and Berarducci (M.Mattese) COMMENT: Notes: Land in perfect condition, 17 spectators. 450-4 corners for Monti del Matese. Sunny day. Anti-doping for Gozzi and Mascanzoni. 3 + 1 recovery.
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