Sunday, 26 January 2020
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TURIN - 3-3 TAPE (0-2)

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FLAME, IMPRESA ONLY SFIORATA. THE TORO SAVE IN EXTREMIS, FINISH IN PARITY? TORINO. The Fiammamonza touches the company to beat Torino away by caressing this dream up to two minutes from the end; on 3 to 1 in his favor, for ?, suffers the comeback of the landlords who close in extremis on 3 to 3. Really beautiful game, excellent Fiammamonza in the first part of the game, better than Torino for organization of the game and collective. But the premises are always very fearsome thanks to the national trio Zorri-Panico-Pasqui. At the 10? the first real goal ball with Gazzoli who heads from a comfortable position but sends to the side of a breath. Pasqui responds again with a gilt that is weak and easy prey of Marchitelli. Greek to 20? sends a little high on the intersection defended by Caravilla then the biancorosse pass on a penalty kick. E? the 22? and Paliotti invents a crystalline class penetration that puts Gazzoli in the area, Caravilla pounces on the attacker Brianza who is landed. The referee decrees the penalty, D? Adda transforms. The Torino tries to react but does not find convincing solutions, we try Panico at 31? on the edge of Pasqui head but the center-forward of the national team gets in trouble on the ball and shoots up. Monza? better fielding and collect the fruits still at 41? when Stracchi finds the defense defeat badly placed and fishing Gazzoli alone and free to override with a perfect lob Caravilla,? the 2 to 0. At the 44 ?, with Toro in confusion, Monza touches the third sign with a drumming action in which Caravilla saves in desperate exit on Paliotti then the local defense is saved with great difficulty. In the second half the Turin rearranges the ideas and starts with his head down trying to repeat his stars in attack but? above all the Fiammamonza who pulls the oars in the boat prematurely, stopping too early to play. Padovan also includes Manieri, the arsenal garnet? all in the field. At the 14? Rivolta strikes the ball with his arm, clearly involuntary but wide arm, the referee leans for the penalty, Zorri reignites the hopes for his team and makes 1 to 2. The recovery sees better the landlords who, for ?, are strung for the third time at 23? thanks to a deadly restart of Liberati (a former) who skips the goalkeeper and then puts Gazzoli in the door for 3 1. Turin has the great merit of not disununing, Monza that? extensively remodeled, perhaps he thinks he has done it. Worth noting is a splendid gorged dive of Panico, a great blow from outside Manieri before the now unexpected epilogue. At 2? from the end Manieri, Pasqui and Panico pack the 2 to 3 with a nice choral action and with the red and white that seemed for a single time slightly distracted. Lightness that will come? paid dear why? in full recovery, 92 ?, Iannuzzelli still puts Marchitelli on top of Zorri corner for the now almost unexpected 3 3. Next Saturday, at the Sada the Bardolino descends now? behind only three lengths; a race that could be worth the Italian flag. TURIN: Caravilla, De Vincenzo, Chancellor, Mazzantini (29? st Guardia Pulido), Miniati, Iannuzzelli, Gangheri (8? st Manieri), Zorri, Carissimi, Panico, Pasqui. All. Padovan (Pair). FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli; Balconies, D? Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi; Greco, Gazzoli, Paliotti, D? Andolfo (from 10? st Ded?), Liberati (29? st Hofer), Stracchi. All. Grilli (Ferraro, Vinci, Palmieri, Murelli). REFEREE: Bombino di Alessandria. NETWORKS: 22? Pt D? Adda (F) on penalty kick, 41? pt Gazzoli (F), 14? st Zorri (T) on a penalty, 23? st Gazzoli (F), 43? st Panico (T), 47? st Iannuzzelli (T). NOTES: Land in acceptable conditions, 300 viewers around. Ammonite: Revolt and Stracchi for Fiammamonza. Angles: 7 to 2 for Turin. Recover: 1? + 4 ?.
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