Agliana - Atalanta 0-0

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On the? Comunale Bellucci? the lights are lowered, the hostilities? between Agliana and Atalanta after the crackling match of the first leg, they go off in the net. The neroverdi eat hands and feet for the failed opportunities in the second half, on the other hand the bergamasche recriminate for a penalty and bow before a Cupid ([i] in the picture [/ i]) "paratutto" ... <a target="_self"href=""> Photos of the Aglianiana </a> <a target = "_ self" href = "images. asp? cat = 44 & page = 2 "> Atalanta's photos </a> Ready via e? immediately Atalanta. The neroazzurre are hungry for crucial points to enjoy the loaf of salvation in late May and do not hesitate to try. 13? the young Scarpellini from outside the area starts a poisonous blow on the left post. Do not worry, Cupido? gi? in the match and dismisses the first attack safely. The minutes pass and are still the guests, with Ravasio in acrobat a few steps from the door, to give chills. The aim is not? for? of the best. What? like that of Baldi that from 23? at the 29? has two opportunities to pierce the network but without the necessary success. First act: the midfielder from outside pulls high over the crossbar. Act II: on the brush stroke of Ercoli from the left, it is too soft in Gritti's arms. Number range? 7? and the Lombard party builds the umpteenth trick. 40? Ravasio from corner sends the ball into the small area and Scarpelli hits from the head. Syncope, panic but still a Cupid with feline reflexes can foil the danger. The extreme defender also performs in overtime at the 56? responding in an exemplary way to a? waving? of Riboldi outside the area. Once the 0-1 has been set aside, the Agliana launches in search of the 1-0 and does so with the Fuselli bomber. 65? classic dribbling between the opposing shirts but the diagonal on the exit of the goalkeeper parades next to the left post. On the other front of the 68? l? Atalanta boils for a penalty not allowed for a foul on Riboldi. The young tip is missing a few words too and Mr. Natali decides so? to spare you other 22? of match. The award winning company Ciardelli & Fuselli seeks the low blow that of the knockout. The slippery number? 9? he tries twice: all? 82? do you shoot for? on Gritti outgoing while at? 86? sins of generosity? serving the ball from a few steps to Fuselli. The passage will not come? never to the number? 11 ?. Still too many assists to the 88 when the attack and the midfield exchange the ball from one side to the other of the opposing area without anybody trying to direct it towards the net and so? l? Atalanta almost does not make the hit. 91? Very quick and pungent counterattack that draws Rota in front of Cupid. In some ways the neroverde defense recovers el? Agliana gives at least one point with the first seasonal 0-0. AIRCARGO AGLIANA CF: Cupid, Cagetti F., Di Costanzo C., Ugolini C., Ercoli S., Baldi S., Tardelli (50 'Pini C.), Ciardelli, Fuselli, Cacciatori, Mauro P. - on request: Lobbia, Passaglia, Lamorte, D? Agostino Coach: Biagiotti PCA FEMALE ATHALMING: Gritti A., Zizioli, Busi C., Mangili, Scarpellini, Caio A. (46 'Rota N.), Natali P., Ramera, Ravasio, Riboldi, Rota M. - Coach: Tacchini AMMONITI: Baldi S. (A) EXPULSES: 68 'Riboldi (P) Noemi Diamantini press officer CF Agliana This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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