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We have included the ranking of the first round and the ranking of the second round. You yourself can analyze the significant differences in the performance of some teams. We leave to you every consideration and maybe we would like to know your thoughts. In the tabby presences among the various statistics that Mr. Rossano Panchetti has scrupulously provided for, can we? note that only 7 players have played completely every game of the season and are: RAMERA NAILA, BEANS CARLOTTA, BIRDS GIULIA, BRUNOZZI CARLA, BRECCIA CHIARA, VINCHIARELLO EVELYN, TONA ELISABETTA. VENUSIA PALIOTTI? been replaced 1 once playing cos? 4 minutes less. The bomber of the championship? Patrizia Panico of only 2 goal on Valentina Boni that for? ? been injured for many months.

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