Tuesday, January 21 2020
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The sampling leave MONZA. In front of a Sada stadium, once again full of spectators, the Fiammamonza takes his leave from the audience and the championship with an easy statement against the tournament's last player. Race played in surplace by the red and white, who have never forced the head already? after the match when the official party took place and open to everyone, a party dedicated to the conquest of the first championship in the history of Fiammamonza. The after game? state, how can you? imagine, especially long and lively but everything s ?? done with the company's well-being that from today has ordered the untie the lines to his girls. Apart from some institutional commitments that will come to cascade the conquest of the historic milestone, the Brianza will now have a period of well-deserved rest. We return to work in July, c ?? a champion cup to prepare and honor. FIAMMAMZA: Marchitelli (10? St Ferraro), Balconi, D'adda, Greek, Schiavi, Donghi, Gazzoli (18? St D? Andolfo), Paliotti, Murelli (1? St Hofer), Liberati, Stracchi. All. Grilli (Ded ?, Rivolta, Vinci). ORISTANO: Spissu, Solinas, Concas S. (4? St Concas N.), Masala, Marras, Deiana, Lenzu, Serra, Porcu (18? St Lugas), Mattana, Marchetti. All. Beppino Barbierato. REFEREE: Ricciardella di Verbania (Oddo and Andresi di Lodi) NETWORKS: 14? pt Stracchi, 20? pt and 3? st Gazzoli. NOTES: Land in fair condition. 800 viewers around. 5 corner kicks at 0 in favor of the Fiammamonza
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