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Psychologically, the fact of being mathematically hello made the difference against Tavagnacco, who instead needed at least one point for the certainty of remaining in Serie A. However, generous race of the grenades that once again showed the lack of incisiveness? under the door. Good plots against a combative Tavagnacco lucky to find two goals thanks to two defensive errors. Now deserved rest while the adventure of the spring training continues that today will meet? in Bergamo the fearsome Atalanta for the round trip for the passage to the semifinals that will be held in Calabria in early June TAVAGNACCO: Marcutti, Dona ', Bedin (63' Bologna), Tommasella, Simonato, Simeoni, Minesini (83 ' Podrecca), Stable, Penickova, Stabile, Di Filippo, Bucovaz (35 'Piva). Available: Mareschi, Gama, Femia, English. All: Monodutti REGGIANA: Fazio, D'Astolfo, Zani, D'Alessio, Fagiolini, Pontil, Lisi, Barbieri, Nasuti (72 'Cavagni), Podium (50' Davoli), Costi (83 'Neboli). Available: Vicenzi, Pellizzer. All .: Bertolini REFEREE: Ros from PN NETWORKS: 25 'Simionato 79' Bologna
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