Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Serie A


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We have included the ranking of the first round and the ranking of the second round. You yourself can analyze the significant differences in the performance of some teams. We leave to you every consideration and maybe we would like to know your thoughts. In the tabby presences among the various statistics that Mr. Rossano Panchetti has scrupulously provided for, can we? note that only 7 players have played completely every game of the season and are: RAMERA NAILA, BEANS CARLOTTA, BIRDS GIULIA, BRUNOZZI CARLA, BRECCIA CHIARA, VINCHIARELLO EVELYN, TONA ELISABETTA. VENUSIA PALIOTTI? been replaced 1 once playing cos? 4 minutes less. The bomber of the championship? Patrizia Panico of only 2 goal on Valentina Boni that for? ? been injured for many months.

TURIN - ATALANTA 1-0 (0-0)

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Last match of the championship for the Torino of Giancarlo Padovan, Saturday 20 May at the municipal stadium "Torta" di Giaveno. The victory 1-0 sull'Atanta not? enough to grab the second place, still arithmetically within reach: the Bardolino in fact, winning thanks to an authority in Pistoia sull'Agliana maintained the 2 points of advantage on the grenade. Equalized so? last year's budget: 46 points and third place (historically the best result of the grenade in the 20 consecutive series A years therefore remains the second place of the 93-94 season). The third place was already? been achieved twice more consecutively in the years 1995-96 and 1996-97. The coach Padovan is rather annoyed by the sub-performance of his players: "if we play with this spirit against Bardolino in the Coppa Martian semifinals, we will not have any chance of going to the final.

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The sampling leave MONZA. In front of a Sada stadium, once again full of spectators, the Fiammamonza takes his leave from the audience and the championship with an easy statement against the tournament's last player. Race played in surplace by the red and white, who have never forced the head already? after the match when the official party took place and open to everyone, a party dedicated to the conquest of the first championship in the history of Fiammamonza. The after game? state, how can you? imagine, especially long and lively but everything s ?? done with the company's well-being that from today has ordered the untie the lines to his girls. Apart from some institutional commitments that will come to cascade the conquest of the historic milestone, the Brianza will now have a period of well-deserved rest. We return to work in July, c ?? a champion cup to prepare and honor.

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REENTA VALENTINA BONI TO THREE MONTHS FROM THE INACCURACY TO KEEP THE RIGOR REJECTED BY CUPIDO. - MONDAY THE TEAM FLIES TO REGGIO CALABRIA FOR THE ITALIAN CUP FINAL-FOUR. The Serie A championship for Senini Bardolino ends with a win: failed the goal of the Italian team's reconquest in a season characterized by injuries, in Pistoia against Agliana at giallobl? ? an autonomy was enough to conquer the three points and keep the second place in the standings leaving behind the ambitious Turin.



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Psychologically, the fact of being mathematically hello made the difference against Tavagnacco, who instead needed at least one point for the certainty of remaining in Serie A. However, generous race of the grenades that once again showed the lack of incisiveness? under the door. Good plots against a combative Tavagnacco lucky to find two goals thanks to two defensive errors. Now deserved rest while the adventure of the spring training continues that today will meet? in Bergamo the fearsome Atalanta for with the round trip for the passage to the semifinals that will be held in Calabria the first of June

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Atletico Oristano - Agliana 0-3

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L? Agliana gets rid of the Oristano practice in less than 25? and regained the seventh place in the standings just three points from Milan. First Mauro, then double stamp of Pizzichi ([i] pictured [/ i]) and the victory travels by ship to Tuscany. ORISTANO. Absent the pair of attack Fuselli-Ciardelli, Mr. Biagiotti, in the stands to serve the disqualification, change the team on the advanced front: inside Pizzichi, Tardelli a few meters more? forward with Pini to play behind their backs. After the injury is also part D? Agostino to push on the left hand side but? on the other lane that after just three minutes the neroverdi shoot the first cartridge.

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THE DREAM E? REALTA? .. CHAMPIONS OF ITALY? MEDIGLIA (MI). With a day in advance at the end of the tournament the Fiammamonza graduates as a champion of Italy. The formation of Nazarena Grilli beats Milan away (Chiara Gazzoli's network in the first half) and earns, by right, a place of honor in the history of Italian women's football, history of which? was the protagonist documented in 36 years of commendable activity. An unequivocal triumph; biancorosse unbeaten in the league, best defense active, direct comparisons all in favor. A success that has the extraordinary if we take into account that the Brianza had not started with the favors of the forecast and that, instead, they knew how to dominate for almost the entire season thanks to a constant and granitic performance of a group of girls for the great part grown in the greenhouse nursery and assembled without disproportionate waste of economic resources. A large dressing room, a great technician, all united towards the goal. A fairytale, with a happy ending.

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Atalanta vs. Graphistudio 3 - 2

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GRAPHISTUDIO MUST RETURN THE SALVATION PARTY Appointment with the postponed salvation. The Graphistudio, in fact, is defeated by the transfer of Bergamo for 3 to 2. And the goal of the orobic victory? arrived, like an icy shower, at the 92? when the Graphistudio had just grabbed the long-awaited save point. Not ? served the reaction of the Friulians that in the second half, under two goals, they first shortened the distances with a punishment by Di Filippo (24?) and then found the equal with a? framed by Penickova. Not ? served why? at the 47 Ramera, head, he mocked Marcutti, not free from faults on the cross coming from the right. The race had opened in the sign of Atalanta, who showed a greater bite in the field, looking for more? shooting the goal ..

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The Torino of Giancarlo Padovan fails to overcome in the direct match for the second place in the standings the Senini Bardolino at home, reaching the 3-3 as against the Fiammamonza in the final minutes. Training without the injured defense director, Rosaria "Titta" Iannuzzelli and the disqualified Raffaella Manieri (one day for the expulsion remedied in Pistoia); absent also the Spanish Nurja Guardia Pulido, returned to Barcelona for family reasons. A few minutes after signing the first draw, captain Elisa Miniati si? Injured to the knee: to check with medical tests the possibility? of ligament injury. A bad tile for a season finale that still presents many important meetings for the company? of the president Cosimo Bersano.

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