Sunday, 26 January 2020
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mozzaninca-uder13-locarno-14Brilliant third place for the Beginners at the international Under 13 Tournament in Locarno. The now traditional manifestation of women's football has seen this year the Inter Women's lead, which in the final was imposed on the selection of Eastern Switzerland. The team of Mr. Cambiaghi missed the final by a whisker against the winners of the tournament, but then easily managed to be right of Real Meda in the "finalina".
The event was attended by three Swiss teams (the selections of the Canton Ticino, Eastern Switzerland and Central Switzerland) and five Italians: in addition to the winners and the Mozzanica, the Real Meda, the Fiammamonza and the Juventus Femminile. The final ranking sees four of them in the first five squares demonstrating that, at least at a youth level, our women's football is becoming a significant reality.

Two rounds, starting from twenty dry minutes (25 in the finals) nine against nine, sun breaking the stones on the shores of the charming Swiss town. Cambiaghi opts for the 3-1-3-1, gradually changing the interpreters, scheduled substitutions at half-time.
The Mozzanica, not used to playing nine, starts in a sly: the Fiammamonza (play with this formula in the FIGC championship) passes in the first minutes for a misunderstanding in defense and doubles to two minutes from the end. The second game, against Real Meda, is better: the Mozzanica goes to 4 'with Colombo who, launched by Anghileri, dribbles a defender and places the winning shot. Real Meda dangerous 12 'but Comelli rejects a good conclusion from the right. The third challenge against Eastern Switzerland is more compelling. The Swiss immediately took the lead to the 2 'with their lest striker to collect and put a rejected Zanchi exit on an adversary launched on the net. But the Mozzanica is in the game: gets the same as 10 'on a free kick by Colombo (pole and ball in the net) and took the lead five minutes later with a winning counterattack on the left of Anghileri. Zanchi with a couple of actions puts the result in safety, then the same Anghileri one minute from the end, still on the break, fails the 3-1 (the ball touches the post).
The Mozzanica grows from match to match. In the quarter-finals, the Canton Ticino is beating again this time. The Mozzanica collects the goal at 3 'on an insertion from the left, but Anghileri equalized shortly after with a header on a corner. Colombo is unleashed: his punishment ends just outside (15 '), at 17' collects a postponement of the opposing defense but the shot, strong, hits the crossbar. A few minutes from the expiration of his insistence is rewarded: the conclusion, from outside the area, high and learnable, sticks at the bottom of the network. The last action worthy of note is Gelatti, lesta to get free in the area and to direct the door but the ball comes out a little.
The semi-final against the Women's Inter was unfortunate. The Milanese immediately go on the counterattack exploiting a wrong disengagement of the defense of the Mozzanica. That reacts: the 3 'Anghileri from the left ends the goal, the Nerazzurro goalkeeper rejects, Gelatti replies to the net but the ball is again rejected. The same goes to 9 'on the development of a cross centered by Colombo on a free kick thanks to a nice left of Gelatti, from the right, on the far post. But the Milanese are immediately back in the lead. The shot from the edge of the area rejected by Comelli, the red and white striker is quick to bag. The Mozzanica throws itself forward in search of peers. At 12 'a clear penalty on Anghileri is not booed by the rule of the advantage (??), then the conclusion of Gelatti is printed on the crossbar. Goal missed, goal cashed: the hard law of football does not forgive. Double dribbling and shooting at the intersection of a neroazzurra and the Female Inter elongates (15 '). In the final five minutes a couple of attempts by Colombo and a back pass by a defender of the Fiammamonza with the goalkeeper who manages to recover in extremis.
The "finalina" against Real Meda sees the Mozzanica start to beat. At the 4 'Giani starts from the rear, overcomes a couple of opponents, finds a central gap, fits and ends the network: a spectacular action. A couple of minutes and Anghileri doubles: the outside starts as usual from the left, focuses, "holes" the defense and lays the ball on the net. The Milanese shorten the distance to 7 ': conclusion from the edge, the ball bounces badly in front of Zanchi and ends in the left corner of the goalkeeper. Zanetti, the "scooter" of the team, thinks of it, putting things right in the 12 'with a nice left from outside the area. Meda's reaction only produces a crossbar (13 ') and a kick off of Zanchi's exit. There is time for a couple of dangerous counterparts of the Mozzanica. Then the team of Mr. Cambiaghi easily controls the game until the final whistle that seals the deserved third place.

Walter Pettinati
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