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Debutant-with-Denni14It was a period of tournaments for the female sector of the feminine Amolese. In the Zoliniadi category, in the Esordienti category, the team took second place losing on penalties against the Dozzese. The Giovanissime and the Pulcine participated in the D'Amato Memorial in Osteria Grande. The smallest have made a good impression with Reggiana and Bologna while the older ones have arrived fourth. The latter then went up on the second step of the podium at the Savignano sul Rubicone tournament, organized by Castelvecchio, losing on penalties with Vignola.
The mixed beginners team has been involved in the "Il Poggio" tournament in Vignola along with the best formations of the Modena area. Paying the fact of being younger (in the field of 2003) the rossoblù team drew a game and lost the other two not qualifying for the next phase.
At the Adriasport Springsteen Cup tournament the novelty is represented by the debut of the new coach Denni Bolelli. The first game, for the heat, the field in synthetic, the coach who has yet to know the team, is lost, but in the next two, the coach took the team in hand giving the first settings and the right charge.

Against the Swiss side of Fc Wallisen, Imolese closed well, attacking decisively and taking home a nice draw (0-0). In the decisive match for the qualification against Castelnuovo Rangone, after having gone into two disadvantage undeservedly, the boys / e got the tie first with a nice strong action by Fabio Fallarini and then with Manuel D'Ambrosio. The Bolelli technician confirmed his availability and presence at the Imola management to train the mixed group of youngsters for the year 2014 / 15.
The Giovanissime also said their tournament in Morigi in Forlì, which was experienced more like the final party of the championship season. The final placement was the fourth.
Now we go on vacation rest until the August gatherings with the compliments of the company to all and all components of the youth sector for a great year and thanks to the coaches for the obvious technical growth.

Mirko Melandri
Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

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