Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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mozzecane-timers-forti14The Fortitudo wins the regional tournament "Rosa di Maggio" and does so at the end of an exciting day surpassing the rival Arcobaleno in the final. A victory deserved twice, first of all on the field, but victory was also out of the box. No defeats on three days and only three goals (one per day).
Departure at dawn to face the long trip to San Donà, arrival around the 9.00 and shortly after the start of hostilities. Departure Gialloblù quietly against the Rubano off the charts and then a progressive crescendo of the whole team that concludes the eliminatory part with all wins: 3-0 to Rubano (Rebecchi, Dal Frà, Dal Frà); 3-0 to the premises of the City of Piave (congratulations for the plant and the organization) (Dal Frà, Tinelli, Bonfante); 1-0 at the Rainbow B (Tinelli); 4-0 at the Lakes (Dal Frà, Tinelli, Tinelli, Dal Frà); 1-0 at Zelarino B (Dal Frà).
So far we can say ordinary administration because the highlight arrives in the queue. The final is all to be told and begins with a certain lake superiority while the Fortitudo appears a little intimidated, but as time goes by the formation of Zurzolo grows and slowly takes over. At the 15 comes the first episode to be told with Dal Frà landed in the area that gets a penalty. Great protests from the Rainbow, but Adami, by service, makes everyone agree by kicking up. Not even the time to recover from the shock that Tinelli, well imbeccata Dal Frà, signs the 1-0 with a nice diagonal and puts the heart in peace to desperate Adami. Shortly after the same Tinelli probably performs the most beautiful technical gesture of the tournament with a left (how many discussions a few years ago because of that foot!) On the fly that is printed on the intersection of the poles.

One minute from the term colossal ingenuity that allows the Rainbow to seize the defense mozzecanese and grab the draw.
You go to the penalty lottery: Arco rete, Tinelli rete, Arco parato, Dal Frà net, Arco rete; Malvezzi network; Bow net, Rebecchi out; Arch network; Bonfante network.
Penalties to the bitter end: Bow net and Zaldini who takes charge of the sixth throw, as a goalkeeper becomes a bomber, and then immediately put on the gloves and block the seventh throw of the Rainbow. The girls of Fortitudo celebrate as if they had won, but they have the wrong count because there is still a shot and then returns on the spot the debilitated and desolate Adami that is perhaps the most beautiful revenge and the best memory of his young career by signing the penalty of victory.
A better plot for this race that ends at SEVENTH rigor could not be minimally thought. The Fortitudo was also good at beating the cabal that assigns the victory on penalties to the team that is wrong first and that had seen in the previous 4 finals of the afternoon always win the formation belonging to group A.

Zaldini, Valenza, Adami (Malvezzi), Rebecchi, Bonfante (Schenato), Tinelli, Dal Frà (Menegazzi) All. Zurzolo / Venturini

FINAL CLASSIFICATION: 1 ° Fortitudo, 2 ° Rainbow A, 3 ° Zelarino A, 4 ° Rainbow B, 5 ° Gordige, 6 ° City of Piave, 7 ° Rubano, 8 ° Lakes, 9 ° Vicenza, 10 ° Zelarino B
Congratulations to all the actors of this wonderful day that will give back to the youth sector of Fortitudo.

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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