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franciacorta-Pellegrinelli-mozzanica14In the graceful setting of the beautiful Franciacorta hills, the youngest of Mister Ceroni, on this occasion accompanied on the bench by the accompanying manager Lingiradi GianFranco, play the last league match of this football season 2013 / 14 contre the cousins ​​of Franciacorta.
The league now has nothing to say, the positions are assigned, fourth victory in a row for the battleship Inter (compliments from all the staff of Asd Mozzanica), second place for Brescia and the third step already won by Mozzanica.

Right from the start it is clear that our girls have a technical athletic superiority and in fact the hat-trick of the Pellegrinelli bomber immediately unleashed, it closes the practice after just a quarter of an hour of play: the first goal with a powerful shot that goes directly in the seven from outside the area, the second by putting on the net a thrusting thrust of Borges, the third at the conclusion of a good action of the whole team.
The Borges not to be less makes a shotgun of fine workmanship, and then comes a nice goal of Martella shooting from outside the area that is bagged in the network of good and innocent Fava, goalkeeper of Franciacorta. Thus ends the first half with the Mozzanica ahead of six goals at zero.

In the second half the pace of the race slows down both by virtue of the widely acquired result and by the swirl of changes but also by virtue of the first heat that warns of the upcoming approaching summer holidays.
For the record during the race we will still see the unfortunate patron of the Brescia back who deviates in the corner from the corner and the eighth and final goal scored by Gelfi from Bergamo, counterattacking the ball that danced in the opposing area. The passive could have been greater but also thanks to the merit of the extreme defender Franciacorta Fava who author of excellent pararades has limited the maximum damage.
Now we just have to play the recovery of the penultimate round of the championship that will close the racing season itself, but without forgetting the various tournaments scheduled, starting as early as Sunday 25 in Ascona in Switzerland.

Franciacorta Team - Mozzanica 0-8

Franciacorta: Fava, Capitanio, Zaniboni, Alberti, Belotti, Trefiletti, Bertozzi, Campana, Foccoli, Melis, Boniotti. All. Colosio Simone.

Mozzanica: Giroletti, Marchesi, Tramelli, Tassi, Viscardi (Giovinazzo 1 ° st), Giusso (Comi from 1 ° st), Baldi (Gelfi 25 ° pt), Piana, Pellegrinelli, Martella (Salvi 30 ° pt), Borges (Mandelli 1 ° st). All. Lingiardi gf

Markers: Pellegrinelli 8 ° 11 ° 13 ° pt - Borges 15 ° 23 ° pt - Hammer to 20 ° pt - author 15 ° st - Gelfi 25 ° st.

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