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Serie B - 2013-2014

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serena-patu-stellaazzurraThe victory for 1-0 against the Friulian Bearzi brings the company from Arezzo to fourth place in the standings. The decisive goal was signed by Bruci. Next Sunday is the big match with the leaders.
AREZZO - First success in Serie B and fourth place in the standings. After the two initial draws, the third round of the championship has smiled at the Blue Star, which at the municipal stadium of Arezzo, won and convinced against the Bearzi of Udine and has thus reached the upper levels of the standings. The aretines on the eve of the race have had to deal with the absence of some players, but they found excellent rincalzi in the spring with positive grafts in the team of Noemi Venturini and Aleksandra Gwiazdovska, two girls used for the first time by series owners B. Aware of its value, the Blue Star has gone into the field determined to get the 3 points and, since the first minutes of play, took possession of each area of ​​the field starting to grind many actions well inspired by the playmaker Serena Patu both from via central that from the bands.

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pacini-eleonora-castelvecchioThe third day of Serie B of the Women's Football Championship includes a derby in Ferrara where the newly promoted New Team faces the second in the Castelvecchio class.
The girls of Nardozza immediately start strong, trying to press high and crush the opponents in their half.
With two nice openings on the band, first on the left on Guiducci 5 'and immediately on the right on Fusconi all'8' manage to become dangerous without getting to finalize.
The new team in the first minutes of the game can not pass the trocar field and try only the blow from outside.
10 'beautiful progression on the left of Amaduzzi M., a low pass for Guidi, the goalkeeper anticipates everyone on the edge of the area.
13 'bad back pass by Guidi that favors the insertion of the opposing tip Bissacco but Pacini locks the ground with a sure grip.

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Foligno-NetunoContinues in the best way the adventures of the Venetians in B with a game that saw them protagonists in good and evil take home three precious points in key salvation from Foligno.
Today finally the coach can deploy all reinforcements here that from the first moment the team wants to set the pace and already at the minute 2 becomes dangerous in the opposing area.
The Foligno is not watching and in moments of relaxation of the Pasqual girls try to take advantage of it.
You get to the 14 and an assist of Brotto comes out a magical conclusion of Bortot that brings the lead in Venice (now you can also call it so seen the twinning occurred with the city's men's team).

Rating: 3 / 5

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pezzottiAn unhappy approach to the race and a good test of Fiano meant that the hawks struggled more than expected to bring home the three points. The biancocelesti fact suffered the initial disadvantage after a few minutes and throughout the first half they attacked a lot but always with little clarity, finding the draw only in the recovery minutes of the first fraction and then closing the game in the first six minutes of the second half. The home team has still found a way to counterattack relying above all to the insidious E. Novelli although in the long run had to yield to the overall best quality of the guests. At the 5 ° minute the president Demofonte's team at the first real opportunity from the net goes on one to zero: it is precisely Elisa Novelli who on a long launch manages to slip between Vaccari and Savini presenting in solitude in front of Melis who slips coldly. Lazio reacts but attacks with frenzy without being able to become really dangerous for a good ten minutes.

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dominates-neapolis1314The Domina Neapolis loses on the field of Real Marsico but recriminates for the penalty of the 74 'that condemns the team of Franchini. On a playing field not exactly perfect, the Neapolitans, arranged with the 4-3-3, play a great first half sinning too much in the implementation phase. At 17 'there is also the trouble: Ponticiello, not the best, is forced to leave the post to Faraone. The first glorious opportunity happens to Domina: only the cross stops the conclusion of Polverino after he had found the right gap. But at half an hour the girls of De Risi pass: Olivieri is able to wedge himself in the opposing defense and to beat the goalkeeper Balbi. At the 42 'same protagonists: Olivieri is presented face to face, Balbi is good at foiling the threat. At the end of the fraction Mr. Salomone decrees a penalty for Domina after a handball in the area: Galluccio does not fail from the disk and writes 1-1.

Rating: 1 / 5

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sudtirol-litlBolzano. October is the month of breast cancer prevention and the players decided to give their support to the pink ribbon campaign conceived and supported by LILT, the Bolzano Fighting League. It is a strongly convinced choice , in favor of health and prevention of a disease which, despite all the progress of medicine, still affects a very large number of women of all ages.
All 22 players have entered the field with a pink shirt where they sensitize viewers and all the public who follows women's football to better prevention.
Present in the tribune the provincial President of LILT, Dr. Paolo Coser, and the provincial coordinator Isabella ANTONIOLI The CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN was looking, after a draw and a defeat, the first success of the season.

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luciano-FioreseThat the Cuneo defeated 3-0 in the Italian Cup from Alba was not yet the real Cuneo we had said, and today there was confirmation: even if reduced in 10 for 75 minutes of the match, the red and white have imposed for 2- 1 on albesi, thus maintaining the top of the standings with full points.
A match that, after seeing the landlords push forward in the first 10 minutes, was bad for the Cuneo to 20 'for a foul of Rosso in the area on Montecucco: penalty kick and expulsion of the number white-red 2. Asteggiano performed the miracle by parrying the penalty beat by Lavarone. The girls of Mr. Minoliti even in 10 resumed grinding the game and the 37 'went ahead with captain Magnarini, also signing this Sunday.

Rating: 5 / 5

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That the Cuneo defeated 3-0 in the Italian Cup from Alba was not yet the real Cuneo we had said, and today it was confirmed: even if reduced in 10 for 70 minutes of the match,

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Giorgia-FilippiIMOLA (Campo Bacchilega) - Second consecutive defeat between the walls friendly for the female Imola with a passive still heavier than the one suffered against Mestre. The result may seem liar because in the first half the girls trained by Loris Poggi had more opportunities than the adversaries to take the lead. But with "if" you do not win the games and then honor the credit to the guests who have been more cynical by properly exploiting the inactive balls. The game was attended by a large audience, equally divided between the two teams. In the first half the dangerous actions of the rossoblù are all designed by Jennifer Antonecchia who first, at 5 ', anticipates the defender but the ball goes out on the bottom, then, at 14', juggles and throws a high shot and, at 27 ' badly calibrates a lob. The San Zaccaria is not seen much. In the second half comes one of the many ex, Simona Cimatti, like Bonaventura, Mancarella and Galletti on the Ravenna side while on the other side there are Arianna Cimatti, Serena Cavalcoli and Alessandra Salvotti.

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sanzaccaria-1314IMOLA - The San Zaccaria wins the hearted derby against the Imola with a net 4 to 1 and consolidates its magic primacy to full marks. After a half-time the biancorosse dwindled into the chair and gain a deserved success reaching 24 share consecutive useful results. At the start the rossoblu of the house are more pimpanti and touch the goal with a shot sottomisura of Antonecchia on Spada's cross (6 '); replies with a photocopy the San Zaccaria, this time Claudia Mariani sends to the side the cross of Marinella Piolanti (10 '). At the 14 'a conclusion from the distance of Antonecchia ends high, always the striker Imola is one step away from the net with a lob out of a breath (28'). The first half ends without particular emotions, in the second half the Ravenna area changes register.

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