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Serie B - 2013-2014

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Narduzzi-valeria-fFor the fourth league for the Rome was scheduled to travel to Chieti and the girls from Vantaggio arrive in the Abruzzo area full of desire to do well and decided to win points.
At the expense of the girls trained by Lello Di Camillo at the end of the game will count a passive a bit 'too heavy of six goals. In the field the Giallorossi coach can finally line up the strong midfielder Alessandra Barreca returned to the Giallorossi by an interesting experience in America in Seattle on loan from Napoli and that therefore had to wait a while before all the documents had to be regularized in order to play.
The Roma on the Campo S.Anna of Chieti immediately starts defiant and Narduzzi just after 4 minutes from the start whistle shoots a powerful kick to the flight that ends just outside. At the 14 'is Martinovic to engage the Abruzzo goalkeeper Nardulli who saves by sending a corner.

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cianci-alessiaThe eagles continue in the winning spin and liquidate the Caira practice with a peremptory 4 to 0 that comments alone. Indeed, the victory could have been much wider if there were no trivial mistakes in the last pass or at the time of the conclusion to the network. The guests were able to oppose little resistance and never worried Melis in a dangerous way. Moreover, the numerical inferiority starting from the 7 ° of the second half made practically impossible any project of recovery.
The chronicle. Ready away, Lazio starts immediately with his head down and already at the 8 ° minute takes the lead with a wonderful maneuver: it is Lanzieri to sow the panic on the left side and then centralize and bully Berarducci who first serves Cianci that exceeds Altieri with a delicious lob. The biancocelesti continue to have an absolute territorial dominance all the time, but they are very wrong in the finalization phase or exceed in unnecessary personalities. We note only, at the 39 °, a nice triangulation Lombardozzi - Cianci - Cutillo with the latter that engages the goalkeeper with a prompt close to the ground. At the 45 ° faces the Caira and Castelli sends a free kick from a central position just outside the penalty area.

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imolese1314sanzaccariapIMOLA (Campo Bacchilega) - On the third attempt the female Imola woman hits the target. The team coached by Mr. Loris Poggi gets the first three points home by putting under the Net.Uno Venice Lido in the second half. After a first time in which the rossoblù have had in hand the ball of the game not creating more than that while the guests have not become dangerous while committing to the maximum, the second opens with the network of Alessandra Salvotti that, at the launch of Giorgia Filippi, took advantage of the error of defender Cenedese guest and exceeds with a precise lob the Venetian goalkeeper Padovan out desperate. The signing charges the landlords who double, at 17 ', thanks to a personal action by Jennifer Antonecchia that slalomeggia and starts a winning conclusion from outside the area. At 25 'Angelica Brienza turns towards the Venetian door a ball touched by Padovan against the crossbar.

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cimatti-simona-szaccariaJESI - Colpaccio of San Zaccaria that expels Jesi with a bombastic five and remains in command of the ranking at 13 points (4 wins and a draw), extending the positive strip to 26 consecutive useful results. The departure of the eleven of Mr. Leandri is amazing with three goals within eight minutes of play that address the challenge of 'Cardinaletti' in the red and white hands. At 4 'Marinella Piolanti deep in the rebounding Simona Cimatti, good to overcome Cantori with a precise lob. Spend two rounds of hands and here is the doubling: Cimatti launches Mariane Gaburro, the former Fiammamonza striker enters the area and with a diagonal low shot to the extreme defender. The tris comes to '8: Milly Cabrera from the left lane makes a cross, Cimatti fits and touches just enough to beat Cantori.

Rating: 4 / 5

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acese-dominatedThe Acese imposes itself for three nets to zero on the Domina. The race was decided practically in the first half when the Sicilians closed with a double advantage the fraction. In the second half comes the third goal that, on the one hand rewards the great experience in the category of landlords and condemns the other newly promoted by Mr. Franchini. Yet the Neapolitans keep well in the first half hour; the great class of the Privitera is stopped first by the crossbar, then by the prompt response of the goalkeeper Balbi. The extreme of Domina, however, can not for half an hour on Perotti, who signs the advantage for Acese. The greatest athletic condition of the Caniglia girls emerges at a distance, as do the plays of Giuliano and Privitera. At 40 'the latter finds the way of scoring by signing the 2-0.

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RB-Fra2Calmasino - Franciacorta loses its unbeaten run to the fifth league, on the ground of Calmasino by Real Bardolino. Race substantially balanced, where the landlord sprouts with a daring network in the second half. Now the goal franciacortine will no longer be able to find the clarity to recover the result.

At first soporific, where the goalkeepers are never engaged, the only notes come from a postponement of Begnoni, rebuilt by Gaspari who almost fool the opponent's extreme defender and a timely exit of Barbariga that takes away from the feet of Parizzi, the possibility to go to the shooting. In the second half the substance does not change, but the landlords are lucky to find the network that will unlock the match after five minutes. Ball bowl in the Franciacorta area, Barbariga comes out, but clashes with Gardoni losing control of the ball, the ball reaches Parizzi that sends the first door in the unguarded. On the network suffered the guests swerve and the Veronese go close to doubling first with the shot of outside palombella from the limit of Deborah Mascanzoni that goes over the very short cross and then on the central percussion of Daiana Mascanzoni that leaves on the central Brescia, but alone in front of Barbariga kicked out incredibly. Mister Keci tries everything for everything, passing to a daring 3-4-3, but the opportunities latitate. At 21 'Gaspari serves in the Picchi area that fails to give strength and precision to the shot, while at the 25' Caio sends a little high with a razor to cross at the far post. At the 29 'the Garda are still close to the goal with Gardoni who heads out two steps on the cross of Parizzi. Five first after Baroni pasticcia and Deborah Mascanzoni steals the ball, launching Parizzi that however is widened and goes to kick on the outside of the network. In the final minutes the Franciacortine push forward with the strength of despair more than with ideas. At the 43 'Picchi tries a shot on the fly in precarious balance, but careful Begnoni raises above the crossbar. In full recovery also Paganotti salt that tries a lob without bothering the extreme defender Gardesano.
The Franciacortine suffer the first defeat in the league and move away from the first position occupied by Real Bardolino and Real Meda, victorious on Tradate. Without wrapping his head, Mister Keci will have one week to forget his stop and prepare for Sunday's home match against Orobica.


Network: Parizzi at the 50 '.

Real Bardolino: 1 BEGNONI, 2 DE STEFANO, 3 MAINI, 4 CAFFARA, 5 PANZINI, 6 VENTURINI, 7 DEB. MASCANZONI, 8 MASELLI (from 27 'st SIGNORI), 9 PARIZZI (from 38' ST MUCO), 10 GARDONI, 11 DAI. MASCANZONI (from 44 'st DAL RI). All. Walter Padovani. Available: Grossi, Tomelleri, Piccin and Eccher.

Franciacorta: 1 BARBARIGA, 2 PELIZZARI, 3 MAZZA (from 24 'ST CAPELLONI), 4 GHILARDI, 5 PAGANOTTI, 6 GERVASI (from 17' ST BARONI), 7 GASPARI, 8 SANDRINI, 9 PICCHI, 10 MERLI, 11 CAIO (from 38 'st CIOCCHI). All. Miro Keci. Available: Belotti, Cappellini, Pandolfi and Gandossi.

Referee: Daniele Perenzoni from Rovereto. Assistants: Gianluca Valerio and Nicolas Berto of Verona.

Notes: Overcast, but pleasant temperature. Field in perfect condition. Present a hundred spectators. Best in the field: Parizzi (RB) and Pelizzari (F).

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Imola-netunoveneziaA Net Venice to forget falls in the field at Imola with the desire to do well but after a balanced first half that sees the teams on 0 0 and everything bodes well begins a second time distracted and in two decades undergoes 4 goal between the seventh and the seventeenth the first and the thirtieth and fortieth the second. Passive heavy that the Venetians did not deserve but must admit nothing stole the Imola. Now we need to close this defeat and think of the next one that will be the Arezzzo's Blue Star at home. Come on girls

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fin-oristanoTharros. Good evidence of Silvetti's girls in the walls of friends, L'Amicizia Lagaccio must surrender before a gritty and more aggressive team. There are few emotions of the first half, the two teams try to study and hit at the right time. The first ring is the premises that take the crossbar with Pieri. The Ligurians suffer from the start of the sardines but they manage to remain concentrated, finding some solutions that, however, do not worry Pignagnoli, at the interval is 0 to 0. The second half is quite another bill, the 47 'unlocks the match with Pinna.R, a great shot from outside the area is worth one to zero. The Atletico Oristano, on the wings of enthusiasm, pushes on the accelerator and tries to hit again crushing the opponents on the half, the Ligurians run immediately sheltered by making the first changes, Bonissone out for Ghiradini and Bargi for Dicu.

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wedge-elation-villacidroThe Cuneo Calcio female continues the race at the top of the standings and also on Sunday the Sardinian team of Villacidro with a net 4-1. A match that from the beginning was presented downhill for the Cuneo who went in goal after 6 minutes with captain Magnarini, good to jump higher than all and put in the head a free kick by Zucconelli. The landlords continued to attack, but it was the goalkeeper Cuneo Asteggiano to stand out deflecting in the corner a treacherous punishment from the edge. Having survived the danger the biancorosse continued to grind the game by going again in the half hour goal with Librandi.
In the second half Cuneo was always fierce and after ten minutes it closed the match with a nice goal by Papaleo who just entered the area and charged the right and placed the ball under the crossbar.

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The Cuneo Calcio female continues the race at the top of the standings and also on Sunday the Sardinian team of Villacidro with a net 4-1. A match that from the beginning was presented downhill for the Cuneo area

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