Napoli winning on the field of Latina

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De Biase and Sibilio scored in the 2-0 away
The winning streak of Napoli Femminino continues. On the tenth day of the return of the series B Neapolitan training has overtaken the Latina (0-2), giving continuity to the victory last Sunday against the Salento Woman.

A success gained in the first half, with the De Biase network after just 10 'and the doubling of Sibilio at the 44', arrived a few minutes after the expulsion of De Fazio for the Lazio team. A game played with great quality and many other opportunities from the net that could have made the result even more clear and that saw in the final entry into the field of three young girls, Casalino 2001, Amodio and Caputo 2002, confirming the group growth and increasingly constant inclusion of the youngest in the first team.
Napoli Femminile will be back on Sunday Sunday 29 at home in the derby against Virtus Partenope.

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