On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Arezzo, a good match against Padova, bodes well for the future

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AREZZO - Excellent test for the first team of the Calcio Calcio Feminine, which, within the walls of the "Roberto Lorentini", gets the second seasonal point against the Veneto Women's Soccer Padova, third force of the group B of the cadet. A draw that is worth as much as a victory for both the brilliant performance expressed by Arezzo, both for goals that have started to flock even in Amaranth.
Forced to give up the midfielder Verdi, stopped for a disqualification day, the amaranthist opts for a module 4-4-2, deploying from the first minute Antonelli between the posts; Casula, Aterini, Teci and Mencucci in the rear; Baracchi, Arzedi, Paganini and Mattiacci in midfield; and finally Nocchi and Zeghini in attack. The match begins with a few minutes of delay and fatigue to take off because of the heavy field due to rain falling copiously during the night.

At the 9 'the referee judges the intervention of Paduan Mazzuccato on Paganini irregular: the number 8 amaranth beats the punishment from the edge of the small area, but the wall of the guests rejects the shot.
Definitely fierce, Arezzo tries to carry on despite the ball does not bounce properly and the wind conditions the trajectories. At the 18 '
new punishment for the landlord. Casula instructs him to place the ball in the middle with a well-calibrated shot; Zeghini tries to conclude, but Donà saves the door. Do not wait for the response of the Veneto with Amidei who, after just two minutes, gets a corner kick to the left of Antonelli, which blocks without too much trouble. At the 26 '
Arezzo tries again: served by Mattiacci, Baracchi tries to shoot from distance, but the ball ends high over the crossbar. For the most part of the first half, the chances of an amaranth brand continue to follow each other, first with Casula on a free kick, and then with Paganini who tries in vain to deceive the opposing defense. At 32 ', following a handball by Peruzzo, the referee whistled for a penalty in favor of the Arezzo, but the defensive wall guest reflects the shot of Teci.

Casula immediately returns from the flag, but Donà is good at repelling. At the 41 'Padova goes ahead with Giubilato who, on the assists of Ferrato, advances in the area by stuffing behind an innocent Antonelli. At the end of the first half the Venetians get a new punishment: Pettenuzzo beats going to find Favero, but the action ends above the local crossbar.

In the second half Arezzo returns to the field with great determination and already at the 49 'find the equalizer thanks to a beautiful diagonal of Nocchi that ends direct at the intersection of the poles displacing the extreme Paduan defender. The amaranth then rise in the chair dominating the match in the opposing half. At the 60 ', the newcomer Di Fiore receives the punishment of Captain Teci trying to conclude from the right of the guest door, but Donà intervenes saving the result. However, the advantage of the amaranth does not take long: on a free kick Casula throws into the area where he finds Aterini ready to pierce the opponent's net by signing the 2-1. The Padova tries to react trying to reach a sign with Michielon, Fabbruccio and with the Jubilation corner, but Antonelli's skilful interventions preserve the advantage of the Aretine in much more than a juncture. Despite the promptness of the local defense, the draw with Padua is going to the 74 'with Cattuzzo who, on the developments of a corner kick beaten by Peruzzo, signs the 2-2 network. The landlords do not lose heart and are launched to attack: at the 78 'Casula tries with a shot that however leaves the side, while at 81' is the turn of Mattiacci that, with a shot, He throws himself forward, but the referee blows his offside position. The four minutes of recovery assigned by the race director are shortly afterwards: the match ends with a good draw that improves the mood of Captain Teci and his teammates in view of the internal challenge of the next weekend against Sassuolo.

"We played a great game against a great team and, moreover, on a difficult pitch. - explains the diggì Artemio Scardicchio.- There is a bit 'of regret because we could have won, but the girls were good at believing up to the end without ever giving up. With this point we move a bit 'the ranking and prepare to continue our path of growth. My warmest congratulations go to the whole team, but in particular to Isotta Nocchi and Mariacostanza Aterini, authors of the nets of this fourth day. "

Acf Arezzo: Antonelli, Casula, Aterini, Teci, Mencucci, Baracchi, Arzedi, Paganini, Mattiacci, Zeghini (56 'Di Fiore), Nocchi. TO
available: Cherici, Mazzini, Prosperi, Tellini, Torrioli, Gregori.
Coach: Manuela Tesse.

Football Padova Femm.le: Donà, Amidei, Mazzuccato (46 'Quaglia), Michielon, Peruzzo, Pettenuzzo, Fabbruccio, Cattuzzo, Ferrato, D'Antonio (21' Favero), Giubilato (72 'Lancellotti). Available: Orlando, Domeneghetti. Coach: Giannino Babetto.

Ammonite: Pettenuzzo, Peruzzo, Baracchi, Giubilato, Lancellotti.

Referee: Mr. Emiliano Perini (Rome section 1).
1 Assistant: Mr. Kevin Scanu (Valdarno section) - 2 Assistant:
Mr. Giombattista Giombarresi (section of Valdarno)

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