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Longato-alessia14It was in the air and for the insiders it was not a surprise in the summer, one of those sudden barrels that you do not understand ...
Already at the beginning of the last championship Alessia Longato remained at Gordige thanks
to the relationship that linked her to Mr. Babetto who had trained her when she was still playing with the masculine ... then we all know how she ended up.The coach of Pettorazza Grimani, already for four years on the blue-white bench (first in the standings, second place, third place and last year except for the play out his palmares with the gordigine)
he broke with the Cavarzeran leadership even before the championship began and on the Gordige bench they were first approached by Mr. Trevisanello, a meteor that would have left him three months later in favor of Terenzio Cerato. From the latter the undisputed merit of having completed "the championship of the three coaches" in the best way ...
When at the 24'del the first time in that of Arezzo against the local Stella Azzurra, at the very last of the series B Championship just ended
Alessia Longato burned the home defense on time to realize yet another goal
seated in the splendid amphitheater of Arezzo, I realized that this was the last acute one that the Fažana athlete would have staged for the Gordige
I remained petrified on the small armchair and mentally relived its acrobatic raids, its percussion that pierced the opposing defenses, the spectacular conclusions often learned made with a deadly left that rarely left escape opponents. Emotions!

I closed my eyes for a moment and understood that an era was over ... finished ta.
The return from the trip was long and difficult, I was attacked by a magone I did not want to give a name ... a label ... but I knew very well what was the triggering cause.
The transfer of Alessia Longato to San Zaccaria in some respects for her could be positive for many reasons. The first is that the Ravenna are a small center outside the clamor of society much more noble.Piccolo is beautiful! The second is that the talented striker is part of a newly promoted team, where the adrenaline for the recent promotion is still in circulation.
Contagious euphoria that could prove to be fatally driving ..
A different experience and new adventures can take you far ... who knows ...
Third and not least in random order, the San Zaccaria has as trainer a certain Mr. Leandri expert in the category and extremely ambitious.Gran motivator and hardly compliant ...
Alessia Longato also has a mild character and will be able to fit into the dressing room
white-red on tiptoe because the heat and raise their voices are not part of its nature ..
I often expected that after some rough repeated interventions by the opposing defenders on her launched at the net, she would have risen to protest with the referee or gritted her teeth against the opponent on duty ... none of this ...
Last Sunday at the Sports Center the Seagull of Campodarsego where the annual was held
GIRLS IN THE BALL to Alessia Longato's cell came the trill of a message.more noisy and cumbersome than others, that she was waiting on one side and on the other she would never have wanted to read ... the Gordige's chief executive communicated the conclusion of the negotiations of his transfer .... in the locker room
the other girls occasional playmates in that situation but also blue-white players from a lifetime seemed to ignore the matter but in their mind
a strange bewilderment began to take place ... we can not know what they said in the enclosure of those four walls ... we can only guess that the most atrocious of goodbyes has been consumed ....
Tackling the next championship with at least 20 goal in less (21 goal without the shots from the disk the centers of Longato during the 2013 / 2014 Championship) will not be easy for the Gordige that without a valid alternative and not having among its files suitable reinforcements he will have to review his strategies for the next season. In addition, someone will have to wear that shirt n.10 and it will be a heavy legacy that will inevitably lead to continuous comparisons, an impetuous and continuous re-emergence of indelible memories ....
This whole situation has however a positive implication: Alessia prisoner of her character locked in the cage of the Gordige has decided to take off.
Also free to try new experiences. It's right that it is.
We will come to see you "Ale" on the occasion of some San Zaccaria signing game, hoping that one of your goals will warm up on that occasion.
We do not know if we will be able to resist the emotion, if we turn the other side you will certainly understand why ...
A last note .... see in the site of San Zaccaria the photo of "Ale" still wearing the war shirt, the black one of the Gordige certainly makes a certain effect.
Mamma Mia!!!


Walter Pettinati
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