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net-one-salvezza2014With the splendid victory for 3-2 against Virtus Romagna, on the synthetic field of Gatteo a Mare, (Forlì) the Net.Uno Venezia Lido has conquered, the 18 May 2014, the historic salvation in the national championship series B women's football . And now the company is already working to prepare for the upcoming 2014-15 sports season, still in a national championship. The key word is to consolidate the existing group and try to reinforce the team, with the addition of new elements. It was, however, a historic undertaking for the rossoblù team that remains the only women's football reality in Venice and the islands.

In the challenge play out, the girls of Net.Uno, who had the victory as a single result available to be able to confirm in the category, however in the opponent's house (better classified in the regular league), were the protagonists of a superlative test. A masterpiece, the one made by Captain Roberta Cenedese and companions and "orchestrated" on the bench by the Vicenza coach Pasquale La Manna, who replaced the current season, which will remain in the history of the company and especially in the heart of those who lived it. Merit of the strength of the entire group: even those who have been on the bench or only partially employed. We are in front of a team that has always remained united, even after a long streak of defeats, enjoying, just in the play out that decisive success, which on the bank lidense was missing for about six months, namely from 17 November 2013, or from victory obtained in Pellestrina against the New Team Ferrara for 5-2. In the decisive challenge against Virtus Romagna, already faced twice in the league (with two 0-0) the Net.Uno has arrived with several new features compared to the beginning of the season. Among these certainly the use in goal between the poles, for all 90 minutes, not a goalkeeper but of Maddalena Piana (striker, also used in defense by La Manna in the last part of the season). Virtus had closed the championship, six points ahead of the Venetian, thanks to a comeback in the second round. But, to be honest, if you review the entire course of the championship, it turns out that the lagoons were able to keep the Romagna at a safe distance, preceding them in the standings, for the entire first round. Not only that: in the two direct matches of the championship, both ended in a draw the Venetian had gone much closer to the victory, for number of occasions and danger. But it does not matter: the last test was without appeal and so in the playoff the Net.Uno played the "perfect match", holding tightly the match for at least 75 minutes and leading the challenge, up to half an hour of recovery, with an 3-0 peremptory. To unlock the match, after 11 minutes, Centasso was very ready to pounce on the ball and castigate Deronzo out. Nine minutes later the doubling of Toppan came, on a free kick, which allowed the team to go to rest ahead on the 2-0. In the second half, the guests always held the ball of the game and, about half way up, the trio of Brotto arrived with a splendid semi-sparrow. The arancioneroverdi still continued to grind, going close, at least in two circumstances, even to the fourth signing, but in the final ten minutes the hosts were back in the game with two goals in three minutes. So in the last six minutes of regulation time, plus three recovery, we entered a final heartbeat, before the final whistle that gave the Venetian a great joy. It was the triumph with a lot of unscheduled shower for the mister La Manna, washed down with prosecco in the locker room.
"It was a good game, very hard fought, we fought every ball - it was the comment of captain Roberta Cenedese - we were good at making good our opportunities. We knew we had to play everything and we could only win. For our part it made the difference, just the desire to show that we could do it. We are a very close group and we have given everything in this match against all the misfortunes of the last periods. In the end it was a good six months that we did not win, but we won this play-off that tied us even more ". A salvation that can be considered a small "miracle" also seen the many difficulties encountered. "Yes, this is true - Cenerese resumes - Venice is a difficult reality: apart from the financial difficulties to look for sponsors, my companions arrive a bit from all over the Veneto: from Schio to Galiera Veneta, or outside Padua. We do enough miles to get to training, because in the Venetian basin there is not always a large number of passionate girls interested in playing football. And anyway, even from the Lido, or from Venice to get to the mainland for training, times are long. During the year we had injuries, we remained in the middle of the season without a goalkeeper due to injury, and in addition, one of our partners, who was a fairly basic piece of our game, became pregnant. There were a few obstacles, but in the end we did it ". Now we also look to the future. "After a few days of well-deserved vacation - concludes the captain - we are starting to plan next season, hoping to find other players who reinforce the staff, and have the desire to add to this beautiful group, which plays only for passion without have nothing in return, if not the fun and the pleasure of being with other people ". Felice Pasquale La Manna is also happy. "The girls - underlines La Manna - have played, all together, an extraordinary match. Each gave much more than he had. The difference was made by the departments. I am convinced, then, that the success obtained was born on the training field in the two weeks of specific work we have done just to face this race. Salvation is a great result, which I can ascribe to my greatest satisfactions, like the victory of a championship. When I arrived, I knew that the time was short and the task was not easy: I tried, first of all, to give a unified vision of a team, not of single people, and for this reason some roles were changed in relation to the initial approach. At the end of this year I can say that it was an incredible satisfaction and I'm very happy ". On his return to women's football he noticed technically. "The level of play of this series B - continues La Manna - was probably a bit lower than that of the old A2. It is noted, singularly, and in almost all the teams when the growth of a youth sector at the base is lacking ".
"A heartfelt thanks to all the girls and collaborators - these are the words of President Lorenzo Mayer - who have allowed this dream to come true. Keep the only team in Venice, in Serie B, in football that counts. I hope that those who have dressed this shirt, have felt welcomed as in a "small family" and in a large group. Now, together with the management, I will work to try to give a future to this team, trying to strengthen it, so that we can enroll in the championship and try to dispute, all together, an even greater championship. However, the initial spirit of this adventure should not be distorted, animated by the passion and the will to render a service to young people and to the territory ".
We publish below the tab of the historical salvation:
Gatteo at sea 18 May 2014
Net One Lido - Virtus Romagna 2-3 (Pt 0-2)
Goals: Pt 12 'Centasso, 20' Toppan, St 22 'Brotto, 36' and 39 'Vagnini
Virtus Romagna: Deronzo, Cuomo, Cannatà, Ridolfi, Bizzotti, Breccia, Dulbecco, Ippolito, Grassi (st 35 Adeiola), Vagnini, Baldini (st 14 'Fogli). All Maroni
Net.One Lido: Piana, Busetto, Cenedese L., Cimmieri, Piantari, Centasso, Stevani, Stefani Elena, Brotto, Cenedese R. (cap.), Toppan (st 45 Ghezzo). All. La Manna (available: Berni, Johnson, Carraro, Baratttin)
Referee: Arace of Lugo di Romagna.
Notes: ammonite Stefani Elena, Cimmieri, Dulbecco, Ippolito.
Pt 2 Recovery 'St 3'
This is the complete rose of the Net.One Venezia Lido in the football season 2013-14 entrusted (from last March) to Mr. Pasquale La Manna and to the goalkeeper coach Walter Furian who won the salvation in Serie B: Roberta Cenedese, bomber of the team with 6 realized networks, which brought the number 10 and the captain's band, Luisa Cenedese, Maddalena Piana, Enrica Zavagno Elena Stefani, Giulia Cimmieri, Arianna Brotto, Caterina Cedolini, Giulia Piantari, Elena Buran, Anna Padovan, Martina Berni, Caterina Carraro , Camilla Stevani, Marina Toppan, Chiara De Facci, Agata Isabella Centasso, Francesca Pradel, Elena Torresan, Angelica Spinelli, Greta Palombella, Rossella Busetto, Alessia Ghezzo, Sara Barattin, Lilian Johnson,
In short, here are the figures for the 2013-14 championship
National Series B Championship (updated at 18-05-2014)
Neptune Lido Points 13 games played 25, won 3, neutral 4, lost 18. Goals made 23, goals conceded 69. Ranking position: 12. place. Save to play out

Ranking markers:
6 networks: Cenedese R.
5 networks: Stefani Elena (4 on penalty)
4 networks: Brotto
2 networks: Centasso, Toppan, Bortot.
1 network: Cedolini, Buran.

The latest success, and the well-deserved confirmation in Serie B, now become an opportunity to rewind the ribbon of memories.

The 2013-2014 sports season begins last 1 July, under the indication of a real "revolution", so much so that the team was overturned compared to the training that, the year before, had won the regional championship series C and the Veneto Cup. Given the changes, the most exact name would be Net.Nue Venezia Lido, instead of Net.Uno, as the slogan used then also in a successful advertising campaign. Among the new arrivals coming during the summer, first of all it is worth mentioning the return to society of Dino Vianello (for ten years coach of the old female Neptune), as sports director and trusted man of President Lorenzo Mayer and of the company, as well as confirmation, in the board, of the secretary Giovanni Ruggeri and of the vice-president Francesco Tartaglione. In the limited number of collaborators, the lawyer Francesco Mario d'Elia and the young Marco Malerba, precious factotum (from the early months of 2014) and keeper of the Taliercio synthetic field, where the team has supported its three weekly training sessions, should not be forgotten.
The summer, as mentioned, brings a great revolution in the rossoblù house: they left the Net. A good eleven elements: the former captain Sara Toffolo and Isotta Mazzega for Trevignano, Lorenza Quaggio, Elisa Bassich and Alessia Noè who got married at Mestre, Nicole Zennaro, Elena Pinton, Elena Cuomo and Chiara Bassich or for "end of career" or for having chosen 5 soccer, Bellunese Sharon Cagnati, who approached home at the Keralpen Belluno, Invanir Marques Da Silva, released and brought to Real Spinea.
To replace them, thus allowing the continuation of football in pink at the Lido of Venice, there are purchases of excellent level as Arianna Brotto, from South Tyrol and former Venice, Caterina Cedolini, the victim of the ligaments break after just three games, Giulia Piantari, also she ex Venice, Elena Stefani (from Zensky Padova), Lodovica Bortot (card until December 2013 and former Venice), Marina Toppan (freed from Pordenone), Camilla Stevani (from Zensky Pd, but already in the past with Net.One) , Chiara De Facci (from Real Spinea), Anna Padovan (on loan from Mestre but then injured and no longer usable since December). And again the return of Martina Berni, the purchase in the 2014 of Elena Buran, immediately in the debut at the ex Mestre, while, at various times, join the group also Caterina Carraro, Lilhiam Jhonson, Sara Barattin, rugby National team that has tested a first contact with football.
From a technical point of view, the reconstruction of the team is entrusted to the patient work of the coach trainer Pierangelo Pasqual, a valued technician of the female Mestre, flanked by Walter Furian, as goalkeeper's trainer and former Meda 1 number. Pasqual, 51 years, arrives in the lagoon in front of Lido, after four seasons, always of high level, with the Mestre as well as fresh winner also of the female beach soccer shield. Pasqual is a native of San Donà di Piave, is considered a profound connoisseur of women's football where he trains for a decade. A commendation certainly goes to the staff who, despite having a small number of players available, from August has plunged into this great adventure, of which, in the retreat of Gallio, in August, the first foundations were laid. The First Team begins preparing the 19 2013 on August. From the 19 to the 25 August the rossoblu training moves to the retreat organized for the fourth year by the company, to Gallio on the Asiago plateau which offers, as always, to the team an excellent welcome and exquisite hospitality. Then the team's pre-season preparation continues for the first year completely on the mainland, dividing between the parish camp of Campalto, Taliercio and Marghera Ca 'Emiliani.
The start of the season is promising: 4 points, in the first two games - draw at the debut and victory for 3-2 in Foligno, even a mistake, perhaps delude a bit 'all that the road could not be so much in climb. Then, however, the subsequent results, however, bring everyone back to reality, with their feet on the ground, and the real difficulties of a national championship of Serie B, for a team however assembled, for the most part, in a short time. Salvation is a possible goal, but it must be conquered, struggling and suffering in every game. Along the way, also the contribution of a key piece for the technical and tactical balance is missing, as the team like Enrica Zavagno, one of the "senatrici" entered into maternity. In the derby with the Mestre comes another tile the injury of the first goalkeeper Padovan. Nevertheless, until December, the team remains in "waterline" with the expectations of the beginning of the season, between the 10. place, which guaranteed the salvation without a play-off, and the square, still useful to deal with a possible play-off at home. To keep the team alive, and in full stroke for the achievement of salvation have contributed the precious draw achieved in Jesi (1-1) of 10 November and the victory in the following week against Ferrara. From November 24 to Cavarzere in the "den" of the quoted and solid Gordige, the team begins to run into a long string of negative results. However, the performance offered by Net.Uno Venezia, in the last game of the first round (22 December), before the Christmas break, against the leaders San Zaccaria - defeated by 4-2 after being twice the lead, with a 'excellent proof of great pride, against an objectively superior opponent (he has not then promoted in Serie A) - seems to offer the image of a team still able to hit the seasonal goal. The lowest point of the crisis, however, has yet to come: the 26 January Net.Uno lost to 3-2 at the Lido home against Foligno, last to 0 points, in what was considered by management a challenge not to fail. Then come other defeats. A "black" series of 9 defeats, remedied in the last 10 matches and interrupted by a draw against Virtus Romagna, thus convincing President Lorenzo Mayer with a change of coach. The 3 March leaves the bench of Net.Uno, without controversy and in common agreement with the company, the technician Pasqual, with the intent to give a shock. In its place is called Pasquale La Manna, flanked by the good Furian who remains "loyal" to the group. La Manna, 56 years native of Visciano (Naples), arrives accompanied by excellent references: from 2007 to 2010 he was coach of the Schio Femminile, who first saved in Serie B and then led to the promotion in A2. Expert in the subentries the previous season has taken over the leadership of the Asd Junior Monticello First Team, in the Vicenza area bringing him to safety. He is considered a specialist in salvation at the last minute. And in fact, this time too will hit the final goal. The time available to the new coach is not much, and in addition should be considered the fact that, in over fifteen years of women's football the group has never faced the "trauma" of a change in the running and therefore everyone is aware that the operation is anything but simple. The new coach operates a "revolution" especially in training methods and upsetting the role of some players. As if the difficulties of the moment encountered in the field were not enough, the 12 March, comes from the sporting judge, the one that is a "blow" that could put an end to the dream of staying in series B. The sports judge on the Net.Uno Venezia - Jesina match, which had not played the 23 February for the "case" of the crooked lines at the "Jacopo Reggio" sports field of the Lost Lands of the Lido of Venice (municipal sports facility not in management at the Net. One) condemnation, at first instance, the home society. A story that has toured Italy, as a symbol of the lack of interest that women's football collects The sports judge, lawyer. Sergio Lauro, welcomes the appeal presented by Jesina inflicting on the Net.Uno the 0-3 table defeat and a penalty point in the standings. The points in the standings fall from 9 to 8, one step away from the chasm and from the last place that means direct relegation. Instead, the company does not give up and appeals before the Federal Court of Justice in Rome asking to be heard in the hearing. Then we arrive at 4 on April 2014, the day in which the Venetian club, with the lawyer Francesco Mario d'Elia, lands in the Capital. The fourth section of the Federal Court of Justice, chaired by Professor Mario Serio, who met in the council, overturns the first instance judgment completely, accepting, with full formula, the appeal presented by Net.Uno as proposed by the Venetian society. A sentence with few equals in Italy, destined to make school in the branch of sports justice. The lawyer of Elia, in a passionate harangue, can show that there was no correlation between the Net.Uno Venezia Lido, a company that does not have a plant under management, nor a field assigned for the entire season and the conditions of the playground, which the City of Venice had intended for that game. The Net.Uno also reiterated, before the courts, the willingness to take on the travel expenses that the opposing team will have to face to return a second time in the lagoon. It is stated that the system conditions can not be charged to Net.Uno, which does not manage the system and does not even have the keys to access the system and the facilities. So a point returned in the standings: we return to the 9 quota and the possibility of replaying the match with Jesina. Meanwhile, La Manna, meanwhile, in the training of Taliercio tries to give a different mentality to the team, with greater conviction in its means, but its reorganization is not, for the moment, rewarded by good results. The only smile, before the wonderful play out we have already told, is the 0-0 ripped to Mestre. A precious point that brings up the loot of points won at 10, with a game still to be recovered. All this, before the key match with the Jesina that is played in Zelarino, the 17 April, Easter Thursday, on the mainland, to make the double trip less complicated to the opponents. The game, in case of victory, could reopen the championship in key salvation: the team goes under a goal, but shows a good ability to react: in the recovery limelight the result and takes the lead, thanks to two prowess by Roberta Cenedese and Elena Stefani, taking on the 2-1. Result that keeps up to 18 minutes from the end. When, in a few minutes, the formation of La Manna capitulated for three times, losing at the final whistle for 4-2. At that point, stop at the penultimate place in the ranking, it becomes clear to everyone that the only objective is to be hooked to the playout area, remaining in the standings with a gap less than 10 points compared to the third last - otherwise should the possibility of the play-off - and repeating the comeback of Foligno that, in the meantime, has reached 7 points, so only 3 lengths from the lagoon. In the last game of the regular season (4 May) there is also the imperative to put two players (Cimmieri and Elena Stefani) away from the fourth booking, which would mean disqualification in the most important game of the year. There is also the injury of Arianna Brotto, who leaves the field after just 13 minutes, to worry, in view of the play out the Net. A. Then, however, the player from Galiera Veneta will be recovered in record time, two days before the highlight match. The two most difficult weeks begin with a wonderful day and just two words: SERIE B !!!
For the company it was a year in which there were many difficulties, faced in order to keep alive the only team in Venice of women's football in Serie B. Without a field in direct management, the partnership Starting with the many logistical problems that have followed the inability shown by the City of Venice to make available a stable, and suitable, to dispute their games in a national football league. So the girls were forced and frequent "wanderings" on five different plants: "Jacopo Reggio" of the Lost Lands at the Lido of Venice, where the company was born in 2010, "Don Olinto Marella" of Pellestrina, San Pietro in Volta, but also the sports field of Marghera and Zelarino, which, in turn, hosted the home games of the championship. Above all the mainland races have helped to keep away the already few fans who follow the women's football, ending up being an even greater difficulty.
Among the qualifying points reached in this season there is certainly the twinning relationship established this year with the Fbc Unione Venezia of male football, the main football reality of the city of Venice and above all professional football club in Lega Pro. For the first year, some objectives of this agreement have been reached, others not. The twinning has given the opportunity to the Net.Uno Venezia female to wear the shirt of the FcC Unione Venezia in their league matches, (though without renouncing its social colors) and to insert the logo of the Fcc Unione Venezia between that of its own partners, in addition to the opportunity to train in the evening session (from 20 onwards), on the same field of the first men's team, the synthetic of the Taliercio. On the other hand, there has been a non-materialized dream of being able to play at least one league match at the "Pierluigi Penzo" stadium in Sant'Elena. A goal that we hope will only be postponed until next season. However, a dialogue with the management of the FcC Unione Venezia opened: the team received a visit from Russian President Yuri Korablin during a pre-season training session in Campalto, but also during the season, of the vice-president Carlo Trevisan, who met in Marghera. The Fbc Unione Venezia then invited a representation of the Net.Uno women to attend its matches. And this was possible on two occasions when the women's team was free from competitive commitments: in Portoguaro, in the Coppa Italia League Cup match, the Cremonese, and at the "Penzo" in Sant'Elena, in the championship match with in front of the Entella.
Also under the aspect of the Communication some important projects have been launched: the redesign of the Net.Uno Venezia Lido 2010 logo, by Maddalena and Mario Piana, a university professor at IUAV.
The domain of a website was purchased at with the intent of telling the team's life in real time. The site, still under construction, will be put into operation for the next season.
In addition, meetings were held with the institutions of the City of Venice. Among these we mention two in particular: the 10 October 2013 the official presentation of the new team at Ca 'Farsetti, in the hall of the city council of Venice, the meeting with the Patriarch of Venice, Monsignor Francesco Moraglia, that the 11 March 2014 has received a large representation of players, technical staff and managers, in San Marco in Palazzo Patriarcale.
Thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Lido and Pellestrina, presided over by Giorgio Vianello, the Net.Uno Venezia Lido Company has been able to open its official office, at the Lido of Venice, where it was born, located in a former high school area " Severi ", in via Diego Valeri, a stone's throw from the" Terre Perse "sports ground.
Thanks go to all the people, organizations, sponsors, who, in various ways, have allowed all this. They are:
Renzo Ferro, Bruno Fusato Signoretti, Marino Roberto Laggia, Don Gianni Antoniazzi, Antonio De Martino, Francesco Mario d'Elia, Province of Venice, Municipalities of Lido and Pellestrina, Fbc Unione Venezia, Carlo Trevisan, Andrea Gazzoli, Leone Panisson, Francesco Regazzo , Teodoro Russo, Luigi Danesin, Tino Vettorello,
Apv Investimenti spa, Arcof & Metal, Carpen Metal, Dalla Lidia Merletti Snc, Dogale Ospitalità & Benessere Srl, Esercizi Colpo sas, F.30 Srl, Fininven Spa, Iniziative Venete, Italo Regazzo Srl, Laguna Murano Glass Srl, Mediterraneo Sviluppo Srl, Murano Venetian Glass Center Srl, Newmuranogallery Snc, Nuova Venier Srl, Paolo Cecconi, Pachuka, Claudio Pradel, Puliservice sas, La Solerte cleaning of Loris Berto, Puppola Trasporti, Sergio Puppola, Sibilla Srl, Studio Zuin Commercialisti Associati, Terminal Fusina Venezia srl, Tino Srl, Tiso Alfredo & Figli Srl, Vela spa, Vecchia Murano VM srl, Venice Services Srl, Venice Top Management Srl, Vetreria Estevan Rossetto 1950 Srl, Biseria Gallery Glass Srl, Macelleria da Luca, Antonio Vianello, V.Antoniazzi coach, association " A hand for everyone ", Ernesto Pellegrini, Luciano Spalletti, Marco Domenichini, Gran Viale restaurant, Claudio Barbiero, Luciano Corazzin, Guido Rizzo, Raffaele Ambruoso, Gaarten Hotel di Gallio, Typography 3B Press, White Cross of the Lido, Luciano Siviero.
If at the level of the First Team it was really a "revolutionary" vintage to make a clean break with the past, even for the Youth Sector, a year of great changes goes on file. The cycle of the "junior" soccer team at 5, followed by the responsible manager Fabio Lombardo, has now reached a new phase. Thanks to the coordination of the sporting director Vianello and the secretary Ruggeri, a "female beginners" formation was formed, which took part in the provincial Figc championship, under the guidance of the coach Massimo Garbin and the head of the youth sector, Davide Chersini, training at Saccafisola.

Now the last seasonal engagement of the First Team is represented by the participation in the 10 Tournament of San Giacomo di Carbonera football at 7 at night that is playing in Carbonera from 3 to 18 in June. Participants include: Football Marcon Femminile (formerly ACF Mestre), Zelarino, Union Villanova, Trivignano and Net.Uno. Then the "break the lines", the deserved holiday for athletes, while the company will get to work to better plan the 2014-15 sports season that will be born the 1 July 2014.

With kind request, if possible, of publication.

This is the updated list of women's football at the Lido:
1 victory of the Veneto Championship (2012-2013)
1 Veneto Cup C series (2012-2013)
3 Promotions: (from D to C 2002-03) (2 placed and from C series to A2 2010-11), from C to B (2012-13)
1 confirms in Serie B (2013-14)
1 Veneto Cup D series (2001)
3 Discipline Cup First Team
1 Junior Discipline Cup

Attached to this press release are some photos of the historic 18 playout game last May.

Venice Lido, 7 June 2014
ACDF Net Press Office. One Venice Lido
for further information contact the 338 numbers. 3556565, or 041.5230230 (study)

Walter Pettinati
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