Friday, February 28 2020
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Day of play out also for the series B. Group A records the beautiful victory of the Caprera on the field of Valpolcevera for 2 to 0 with the networks of the experienced Marsico and Fadda that close the first half with the double advantage. The reaction of the Ligurian landlord has not served anything to reach a draw useful for salvation. President Cau satisfied: "we played to win and the victory came deservedly to crown an unlucky championship. For us, salvation was essential to continue to play football in Sardinia where the regional series C championship is no longer played. Congratulations to the opponents and to my girls for the good performance. "

Group B applauds the clear victory of Zensky Padova on the rivals of the Azzurro S.Bartolomeo. The Venetians took the lead over 22 ° with Ferrato opening the way to victory for his team. Just before the rest we think Pizzighello to sign the second network that sends the two teams to rest. In the second half the match continues balanced with the most incisive hosts in the goal. The third network arrives at 94 ° with Favero. 51% possession for the Paduan and 4 corner kick for 3 for the Trentino receding for the joy of the landlord.
The report of the match broadcast live with goalshouter:
In Group C, the Net.Uno Venezia goes to win for 3 in 2 on the field of Virtus Romagna. The Venetians start off strongly and at the 12 ° Centasso will take the team's lead ahead. Patch mimics it nine minutes later for the 2 in 0. In the second half you are even more determined and concrete with the third network scored by Brotto at the 22st. The Romagnola reaction comes with the double of Vagnini at 36 ° st and at 39 ° st always on punishment. Net.Uno celebrates salvation in series B.
Resounding victory for 7 to 0 Domina Neapolis against Unita Tufara in Group D. The result demonstrates the superiority of the home company that went online with the two triplets of Galluccio and Polverino and the Fiengo network that allows the Neapolitan celebrate salvation in the company of their supporters.
The Serie B championship ends with this day with the congratulations from our editorial team to all the teams that have honored the championship until the end.

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