Friday, February 28 2020
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Now it's reality! Mister Marini's Orobica gets the promotion in Serie A at the end of an exciting season that has seen the girls from Bergamo win the group B of the series ba quota 60 points. Great satisfaction not only for the players but for the whole company that has made the company to go back in six years from the series D to the series A through B and A2. Comprehensive training that the orobic for the last season with only the exceptions of the injured Poet and Church, however, equally decisive for the achievement of the objective.

That the Orobica wants to close the championship is understandable from the first stages of the game because already after a minute of play can take the lead: Vezzoli launch in depth for Troiano that alone in front of the goalkeeper kicks high. The landlords insist and after a weak shot by Vavassori at 5 ', the 6' Asperti fishing in the Trojan area that just on the right makes a conclusion on the first post finding Peri safe in the parade. Vezzoli also tries at the 9 'from outside with a shot too central to worry the host defender. Very close to the goal the Orobica at 13 'with a free-kick from Asperti that is printed on the crossbar with beaten goalkeeper and then Vavassori fails to reiterate on the net. The monologue Bergamasco is realized at 15 'when from a launch of Pellegrini, Vavassori vertically serves Tihsler who enters the area overcoming a defender and beating Peri displacing. Strong advantage of the guests push on the accelerator and the 20 'phrasing Trojan-Vavassori, then deep ball for Fodri who enters the area and kick from a good position too much on the goalkeeper who rejects. A minute passes and on a corner of Trojan, touches a defender and Fodri does not find the door from a tight angle. Another two goal balls for the Orobica: one at the 23 'with a ball for Vavassori on which the goalkeeper comes, then Tihsler's shot with a sure shot saved almost on the line by a defender, the other at the 25' with Vavassori that surpasses a 'opponent, shows up alone in the area but kicks high, after a nice launch of Zangari. Only at 27 'are the landlords, however, with a free kick Betta abundantly out. The Orobica continues in the search for doubling and the 30 'Vavassori widens on the right for Troiano that at the limit does not find companions to serve then decides for the shot that touches the opposite pole. At the 32 'Peri he exceeds on the shot of Asperti flying on his right post and deflecting for a corner. After a free kick by Zanelli at the 34 'parade easily from Salvi, the Bergamasche are brought on 2 to 0 to 42': manual action with Valente on the right wing for Tihsler that continues Fodri, central ball at the edge of the area where Vavassori shoves the low corner to the right of Peri. The time ends with a free kick outside of Pellegrini at 44 '. In the second half at the 1 'happens the turn of the match with the foul of Forti on Asperti and consequent penalty and expulsion of the defender of Trentino. He realizes with coldness the same Asperti. On 3 0 guests have a moment of distraction at 4 'when on a back trip to Brasi, Salvi returns to the feet of Vitti whose attempt ends above the crossbar. From the escaped danger the fourth goal from Bergamo is born thanks to Vavassori who starts the action in midfield, serves Asperti which verticalizes for Tihsler whose right touch places the ball near the opposite pole. Tihsler still makes the fifth goal at 7 'with a close touch on Vavassori's cross after a restart by Valente. There would be room for the sixth goal at the 8 'when Tihsler retrieves the ball on the trocar and gives it to Trojan, then again for Tihsler who crosses the center where below Vavassori does not find the door. The guests do not stop and at the 18 'descent of Asperti on the right, then in the middle for Tihsler that leaves the center area to the newly entered Quistini whose shot is tense but on the goalkeeper. At the 22 'Azzurra comes to the goal of the flag with Zanelli who after a corner pulls a wood from outside the area that goes under the crossbar. From now on, except for a shot out of the Romans at 27 'is just a management of the ball of the Orobica waiting for the fateful final whistle whistle, which comes with three minutes of recovery giving away the party of Bergamo for the first time they land in series A. After a long and exhausting championship the formation of the eclectic Mr. Marini wins the championship and gets the promotion in the top division. This is a great result unexpected at the beginning and obtained with determination, courage, technique and tactics for a young team with little experience that has been able to compensate with the best defense of the tournament and sending three players in double figures. Some of them came from a lower category but they made it as if they had always played in the B series. Other more experienced people led the younger ones by the hand until the end. All for a common result under the wise guidance of Mr. Marini. Behind them we must also give credit to a technical and corporate staff who have always worked in symbiosis and sometimes even in silence for the good of the team. So thanks to President Antonio Marini, Vice Bruna Secchi, Iole Codibue, Raffaella Tammeo, Nicolò Signorini, Sara Bonotti, Patrizia Meroni, Fabio Taiocchi, Barbara Ceppi and not least to our doctor Marun Salameh. Obviously great satisfaction for all the entourage that now must immediately get to work to prepare the series but this in due course. For now let's enjoy the promotion. Force Orobica!

AZZURRA SAN BARTOLOMEO: Peri, Zanelli, Bottura, Boccagni, Forti, Rigon (from 19 'st Pasqualini), Pignatelli (from 3' st Cristelli), Frieri, Betta (from 33 'st Avancini), Manica, Vitti. Available: Drago, Avancini, Cristelli, Divina, Pasqualini, Agostini, Carraro. All .: Fabrizio Manfrini.
OROBICA CF: Salvi (from 35 'st De Padova), Asperti, Zangari, Valente, Brasi, Vezzoli, Pellegrini, Fodri, Vavassori (from 16' st Romani), Troiano (from 11 'st Quistini), Tihsler. Available: De Padova, Rimondi, Ravasio, Rizzo, Riva, Quistini, Romans. All .: Marianna Marini.
REFEREE: Mr. Michele Collavo of Treviso.
MARKERS: 15 'pt 5' 7 'st Tihsler (O), 42' pt Vavassori (O), 2 'st Asperti (rig.) (O), 22' st Zanelli (A).
AMMONITE: 44 'pt Rigon (A). ESPULSE: 1 'st Forti (A).

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