Tuesday, January 28 2020
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With the last day of the series b championship rounds, the 4 promotions, the relegations and the teams that will play the play out are formalized.
In group A, Cuneo has won by measure against the Luserna and won the long-awaited promotion with a goal by Librandi, signed at the 35 ° of the second half. A victory gained at the end of a balanced and exciting match, worthy of a great play-off between two protagonists of cadet football. Congratulations to both teams and companies for the show provided throughout the season, along with the rivals who have fought each day with great pride. The cuneesi landed in Serie A with 17 victories, 2 defeats, remedied with Friendship Lagaccio and Oristano and 7 draws, 53 goals scored, 21 suffered and 58 points made in 26 races.

Directly withdraws the Sarzanese while Valpolcevera - Caprera will challenge the 18 May at 15.30 with dry race for a place in the sun of the series B.
The Orobica does not let itself be betrayed by emotion and in Trentino it wins the victory towards promotion in the highest category. The orobiche beat the hosts of the Azzurra with a clear 5 at 1 and celebrate the Serie A. In place of honor the Real Meda who wins 2 at 0 in Mozzecane and crosses the Sudtirol home defeated by Real Bardolino. Also in this group, as in all the others, the middle ranking teams fought every Sunday, putting the first of the class in serious difficulty, giving life to a balanced championship in play and quality. The Orobica concludes the round totaling 60 points in 26 races with 18 victories, 6 draws and two defeats remedied with the Mozzecane and Bocconi, realizing 53 networks, subendone16.
The Atletico Vi.Est retreats directly to the regional championship while the play-out play-out will be played on May 18 at 15.30 with a dry race between Zensky Padova and Azzurra San Bartolomeo.
In command of group C since the first day, the San Zaccaria has literally dominated its group and won its first promotion with 4 days in advance, totaling 67 points in 24 races disputed with 22 victories, 1 draw with the Blue Star and 1 defeated in Mestre . With 76 scored goals and suffered 18 wins the scepter of best attack and second defense, behind the Orobica, of the newly promoted.
The Vittorio Veneto in front of Mestre, Stella Azzurra and Gordige are in the square of honor, detached from Ben 15 points.
Retroces the bottom end Foligno, the play outs are between Virtus Romagna - Net.Uno Venezia always on the date and time of the other play outs.
Pink turns the southern circle of pink and won a historic promotion in Serie A. The girls of Puglia prevailed over Rome, Acese and Lazio at the end of a group made difficult by the balanced forces of their opponents. The final victory rewards the consistency of the pinkine who close the games with 58 points made in 22 races with 19 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats with Acese and Roma with 61 scored goals and 18 suffered.
He relegates the expelled Caira to the regional championship while Domina Neapolis - Tufara Unita will compete for the play out that will be played on the 18 in May at 15.30.
Play out: in case of a tie at the end of the regular time in each of the
tenders indicated above, two additional times of 15 will be made
minutes each. In case of further parity at the end of extra time,
will return to the lower category the team ranked in the worst position at
end of the 2013-2014 sports season.
Waiting to know the outcome of the play-out competitions, the editorial staff of calciodonne.it takes the opportunity to congratulate the newly promoted companies and all the teams that made every day of the Serie B championship interesting.

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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