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Those who expected the surprise were disappointed. A classic game at the end of the season that gave the deserved victory to the training that still had something to ask the championship and the defeat to the one that did not want or be able to find the appropriate motivations in this positive league. Franciacorta, Tradate and Meda are the only teams that have taken away all the 6 points at stake, on the other hand the last defeat of the newly promoted in Serie A (Orobica) was just that obtained at home from Fortitudo.

After an interlocutory phase the Meda passes: an action of the Fortitudo is intercepted and on the long run De Luca appears offside but referee and linesman let run and for the nr. 11 is easy to step over Mazzurana with a lob; at 25 'an exchange De Luca Massera sees the latter released to the shot that however flies over the crossbar; at 30 'De Luca with so much determination wins three contrasts in a row and is presented at the shot retaken in extremis by Bonamini; at 33 'Cordioli is launched on the counterattack by Rizzi, discards the goalkeeper, could fall but remains standing on the final shot and a safe shot is the recovery in extremis on the Confalonieri line; at 40 'a great heel shot of Buttò opens a gap but the selfish conclusion is too angled.

Not even the time to start again after a De Luca cross a defensive mess (you could sweep the ball) gives the 0-2 to the 97 Buttò that finds the pole and then the net; at 63 'again De Luca fishing Buttò alone in front of Mazzurana but the shot goes straight into the arms of the goalkeeper; at the 65 'the Buttò is released in the area but the shot svirgolato flies over the crossbar; at 67 'De Luca is to free himself in the area but the shot is still too central; at 82 'loses a bad ball to the limit but Russo can not take advantage of the comfortable opportunity; at 87 'Peretti puts on display in the middle of three opponents but the shot gets too high.

La Fortitudo closes the championship at the 5 ° place, a position that is more than honorable, above the initial expectations and not casual but well deserved. Now the activity will continue with two weekly and friendly sessions (Wednesday evening vs. Canadian team) until the end of May, awaiting the closing party that will take place on Saturday 7 June.

DO NOT FORGET TO THE STEERING WHEEL: "Dear friend, I am writing to you, so I get distracted a little! ... And then I salute you forever".

Networks: 7 'Faccioli, 55' Rizzi, 75 'Peretti

FORTITUDO MOZZECANE: Mazzurana, Pecchini, Cordioli, Sossella (46 'Bindella A), Boni, Bonamini, Marcazzan (60' Salaorni), Rasetti, Rizzi (75 'Bindella V), Peretti, Caneo AD Colcera, Caliari, Mecenero, Faccioli All Mafficini

MEDA: Stefanello, Seveso (80 Tchetchouva), Chiggio, Confalonieri, Vergani, Dubini (60 'Usvardi), Fusi, Somaschini, Massera, Buttò (75' Russo), De Luca AD, Pizzi, Ragone, Zappa, Coppola All.

REFEREE: Copat Davide di Pordenone (Zanchetta e, and Bazzucco A. di Legnago)
Ammonite: Pecchini, Peretti, Chiggio
Expelled: -

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