Tuesday, January 28 2020
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IMOLA - Imola female and Castelvecchio both meet calm on the last day of Group C of the Serie B championship. There is only the best position in the standings, goal that matters little in a derby that seems less heard than usual. In the end, the guests have the best score with 3-0. The landlords want to make a good impression in front of their audience and try on several occasions while the formation of Savignano sul Rubicone is more cynical and does not miss the most delicious opportunities that captain a shot.
Coming to the news, at 12 'Claudia Soglia ends a little on the bottom. At 14 'Castelvecchio hits the post with Deidda.

It is the prelude to the goal of Teodorani that turns towards the door of Imola a ball coming from the corner. A few minutes later Giorgia Filippi goes in goal but the referee whistles the offside that cancels him. At the 27 'again "Filli" the shot on a free kick is saved. Two minutes later the Imolese goes three times to shoot but does not find any luck. In the second half Lisi shoots into the area, falls on the right to get free but the conclusion is weak. At the 3 'the Castelvecchio doubles with Pondini who takes advantage of an oversight by Arianna Cimatti to pierce the home goalkeeper Sonia Meletti. At the 10 'Pondini still triples the scoring for the guests.

At the 18 'Jennifer Antonecchia starts a shot that goes to the bottom of a breath. At the 20 'still Antonecchia with a palombella engages Leontyeva that touches just enough to make the ball on the crossbar. At the 33 'Filippi pulls on the outside of the net.
Results: Net.One Venice Lido - San Zaccaria 0-8, Jesina - New Team Ferrara 1-1, Blue Star - Gordige 2-2, Vittorio Veneto - Mestre 1999 2-0, Imola - Castelvecchio 0-3, Foligno - Bearzi 3-4. He rested: Virtus Romagna.
Ranking: San Zaccaria 67; Vittorio Veneto 52; Mestre 1999 46; Blue Star 44; Gordige 42; Castelvecchio 37; Jesina 35; Imolese 33; Bearzi 27; New Team Ferrara 19; Virtus Romagna 16; Net.One Venice Lido 10; Foligno 7.

IMOLESE: Meletti, Sintini, Cimatti (21 'St Vancini), Cavalcoli, Spada, Soglia, Antonecchia, Funiciello, Magrini (30' St Moiani), Filippi, Salvotti (15 'st Talami). Available De Matteo. All. Poggi.
CASTELVECCHIO: Leontyeva, Fusconi, Amaduzzi M. (21 'st Amaduzzi A.), Venturelli, Baiocchi, Guiducci, Deidda (30' St Beleffi), Teodorani, Lisi, Pondini, Guidi (25 'St Vicini). Available Pacini, Balacchi, Zani, Farnedi. All. Nardozza.
Referee: Belfiore di Parma.
Networks: 19 'pt Teodorani, 3' st Pondini, 10 'st Pondini.
Notes: admonished Venturelli.

Mirko Melandri
Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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