Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Calmisano from Bardolino. The dream of CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN ends in Bardolino, not so much for the defeat for 3-0, as for the dry result of 1-5 with which the Orobica expels Trento, which in fact has made every attempt to win the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN. The first half, salamed in the hands of CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN ends 0-0, after several missed opportunities for the South Tyrolean already at 8 'touching the goal with Vivirito, but the Verona goalkeeper Begnoni saves in the corner. At the 18 'Torresani passes to Erlacher, Cross of the latter for Pasqualini who by a whisker comes in advance from Destefano at the time of shooting.

At the 27 'Dallagiacoma makes a great prograssione, but at the time of shooting on goal the defender saves. It ends the first half on the result of 0-0.
second time begins with a nice prograssione Tonelli that pulls very little to the left side. the Mister of Bardolino makes the second change, getting Panizzi in place of the ammonite Marchi: change guessed given that the n.14 of Bardolino marks the counterattack the 1-0. the girls give of the result of Trento and after 8 minutes still counterattack Deborah Mascanzoni marks the 2-0, that the sister Daiana to the 84 'brings on the definitive 3-0 for the Bardolino.
Honor to these girls for having struggled, despite the injuries and the very young age (Media 22 just years!) Until the end for the Serie A. Three Championships, twice second, and this time third: great!

CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN greets the championship at the 3 place

REAL BARDOLINO: Begnoni, Marchi, (58 'Panizzi), Destefano, Caffara, Piccin, Venturini, Mascanzoni Deborah, Maselli, Mascanzoni Daiana, Vallante (75' Lords), Mucus (36 'Maini) All. Adami / Eccher

CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN: Valzolgher, Brunello M., Ferrari (89 'Schwienbacher), Torresani (77' Tonelli L.) Righi, Dengg, Dallagiacoma, Vivirito, Pasqualini, Tonelli A., Erlacher (54 'Brunello M.). All. Alberti

Networks: 60 'Panizzi, 68' Mascanzoni Deborah, 84 'Mascanzoni Daiana

Referee: Ravera (Lodi), Vinco (VR), Tebaldi (VR)

Ammonite: Trademarks (BAR)

Angles: 13 - 3 for the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN

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