Sunday, March 29 2020
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Group D celebrated the promotion of Pink Bari in Serie A, one day early and 6 points ahead of Rome, 8 sull'Acese and 10 on Lazio. A victory built with heart, commitment and determination of team, excellent performance and a little 'luck that have rewarded the path of training led by Mr. Isabella Cardone towards the historic promotion in Serie A.
22 races disputed, dotted with 19 victories, 2 defeats with Acese and Roma and 1 draw in the last day at the home of Ludos. This is the roster of the leaders, achieved with 61 nets and 18 suffered: best defense of the group.

Behind him a trio of strong and well-organized teams with Roma who woke up too late and paid a soft start to the championship, suffering a defeat against Pink in the second day, some too many draws and the second seasonal defeat in the forward derby against Lazio. Second best attack with 79 goals scored and second best defense with 19 nets conceded and Valeria Narduzzi at 5 ° place of the group's top scorers with 14 nets, made only in 11 races, before the injury that blocked it for the whole season.
In third place is the Acese, deprived by a disqualification unjust as exaggerated (5 days) trimmed to the playmaker Giuliano (fundamental in the geometry of the team), discounted in the crucial part of the championship where the Catania have had to meet Bari and Rome. 4 defeats, with the three direct opponents and 2 draws have broken the dreams of the Sicilian glory of Mr. Caniglia who still played a great championship, expressing good game, winning the palm of the best attack with 80 networks and the top scorer with Veronica Privitera thanks to its 29 networks built.
Closes the group of protagonists of the high ranking the SS Lazio, conditioned by well 5 injuries: Lanzieri, Ferrazza, Pecchia, Tagliaferri and lastly Berarducci. The formation of Seleman has collected 5 defeats, 1 draw and 16 wins, always expressing a good team play, with 59 nets and 23 conceded, centering with satisfaction the goal of the protagonist and a bit 'of regret for not playing complete ranks.
A plaudit to the center ranking teams who fought with pride and determination and have won with commitment the deserved stay in the category.
With the Caira EXCLUDING from the championship, one wonders how the play outs and direct relegation will be governed that close group D of the series B at the end of an exciting championship and every year more and more competitive, demonstrating the evolution of women's football at South, with the Bari that celebrates the well-deserved promotion in Serie A, accompanied by the compliments of our editorial staff.

Walter Pettinati
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