Sunday, March 29 2020
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realmarsico-President-Joseph-ColellaThe championship ended last Sunday, for Real Marsico it's time for budgets. The victory in the last race of Serie B, which saw the valleys conquer Lecce with a dry 3-1, is the confirmation of a season lived without worries of mind by the Gialloblu of President Giuseppe Colella, who thus ended the championship at 7 ° place, with well fourteen points of detachment from the playout area. A clear turnaround compared to last year, when the eleven led by coach Valentina De Risi ended in third place, in the playout area. This year the salvation arrived well in advance, thus allowing the girls of Marsico Nuovo to take off even some satisfaction, such as having imposed the 2-2 at the Stadio Del Sole to the battleship Lazio and match the record of Lecce with the victory points of the 2011 / 2012 season.
"We have lived a very quiet season" - explains the president Giuseppe Colella - "and the salvation already achieved in March facilitates us for the next season, given that we can plan the future well in advance. Now it's time for the girls to rest, while the company will work on future planning ". Next year the Real Marsico will celebrate the tenth anniversary: ​​an appointment to which the Marsican society wants to get prepared. "The 2014 / 2015 season will be the fifth consecutive in the National Series B, the seventh overall in ten years of the company's life" - continues Colella - "and this can only make us enormously pleased.

I joined the 2008 company, so I cannot fail to praise the excellent work done by my predecessors. I hope that the celebrations for the tenth anniversary may also be present, as well as the girls who made all this possible: from Lucia Fundone, who was the first captain in the 2005, to Roberta Catalano, from Marisa Dagnello to Marija Vukcevic, are all names who made the history of women's football in Marsico Nuovo ”.
Final day results and final classification Serie B: Domina Neapolis-Rome 1-1, Ludos Palermo-Pink Bari 1-1, Lecce-Real Marsico 1-3, Lazio-Tufara 7-2, Acese-Fiano Romano 8-2, Chieti -Caira 3-0.
Ranking: Pink Bari 58, Rome 52, Acese 50, Lazio 48, Chieti 33, Ludos Palermo 30, Real Marsico 28, Caira 23, Fiano Romano 22, Lecce 14, Domina Neapolis 10, Tufara 4.
Verdetti: Pink Bari promoted in Serie A; Tufara relegated to Serie C. Playout (dry race, 18 May): Lecce-Domina Neapolis.
Final scorer standings (top 5): Veronica Privitera (Acese) 31 networks; Grazia Buttaccio (Ludos Palermo) 25 networks; Giulia Olivieri (Real Marsico) 20 networks; Elisa Novelli (Fiano Romano) - 19 networks; Valeria Narduzzi (Rome) - 14 networks.

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