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The Orobica defeats the Real Bardolino by measure and leads to the 57 share, maintaining a point of advantage on the Sudtirol and two on the Meda, also victorious. A difficult match with the Veronese who once again demonstrated the solidity of the Bergamo team and the good moment of form of the guests, who left the field with the honor of arms. For the occasion Mr. Marini proposes the starting lineup with the employment in midfield Asperti as last Sunday. Right from the start the landlords are looking for direct recovery of the ball with a strong pressing in the middle of the field and in the opposing trocar and already after a minute there is already the first action with Vezzoli serving Fodri, from this depth to the left for Tihsler, whose cross is slightly too long for Asperti.

At the 4 'the same Tihsler tries but his shot from a tight angle ends on the outside of the net. Insists the Orobica at 10 'with Trojan who recovers the ball at the edge of the area, then Tihsler kicks from outside but once again does not frame the mirror of the door. Finally we also see the guests at 14 'but without danger with a free kick that ends abundantly high. At the 16 'Brasi pasticcia at the edge of the area and the ball is blown by an opponent whose shot is saved almost on the line from Zangari. Escaped the danger the landlords are put back to grind the game and go close to the advantage to 18 'with a header of Asperti in the goal that ends up, also because obstructed by Tihsler, after a good crossdi Valente. The game continues under a heavy rain that certainly does not facilitate the two teams. At the 19 'another good initiative of the Bergamo with Tihsler who recovers the ball at the edge of the area in the central area instead of entering the area, pointing the door, serves externally Trojan whose cross does not find outlets. On the rest of the action Vezzoli serves Vavassori on the left side with an immediate shot that ends near the post. Finally at the 25 'arrives the deserved advantage of the Orobica: from Asperti for Fodri that exceeds the circle of midfield and serves with a millimeter throw Vavassori who skips the goalkeeper and lays the ball in the empty door. The guests suffer the blow and can no longer be incisive if not at the 39 'still on punishment well saved by Salvi centrally. So the landlords manage the result with confidence bringing the advantage in the locker room. In the second half the Orobica continues in control of the game and runs no danger until the 13 'when Bardolino jumps unexpectedly: punishment from the left trocar and ingenuity of the rearguard orobia that leaves freely pulling Maselli that surprises with a sloping Salvi still intent to place the barrier. The tie still lasts ten minutes until the 23'when the referee decrees a penalty kick in favor of the Orrobic for foul on the new entrance Riva: transforms Troiano coldly by signing the 2 network to 1. Return to the advantage of the Bergamo, also by virtue of the heavy field for the rain that does not allow valid offensive plots, they close to defend the result with order and prevent the Bardolino from weaving dangerous game plots. Only in the recovery minutes the guests manage to organize two good attempts first at the 46 'with Mascanzoni Debora whose shot ends up at the side and then at the 48' with the header of Piccin at the end of the pole. So it ends with the Orobica measuring victory, which reiterates the leadership of Group B. Merit honor for Bardolino who played openly and proved to be a valuable team. Now for the Bergamo region there is a big chance to crown a great season and it will be next Sunday in Trento against the Azzurra San Bartolomeo. So attention, heart and courage, in addition to personal skills, must be the most important resources to conquer the three necessary points. So for the last day ahead Orobica!

OROBICA CF: Salvi, Asperti (from 8 'st Riva, from 44' st Rimondi), Zangari, Valente, Brasi, Vezzoli, Pellegrini, Fodri, Vavassori (from 26 'st Romani), Troiano, Tihsler. Available: De Padova, Rimondi, Ravasio, Rizzo, Riva, Quistini, Romans. All .: Marianna Marini.
REAL BARDOLINO: Begnoni, Maini, Destefano (from 30 'st Muco), Caffara, Piccin, Venturini, Mascanzoni Debora, Maselli, Mascanzoni Daiana, Parizzi, Signori (from 8' St Vallante). Available: Grossi, Muco, Marchi, Vallante, Eccher, Panzini. All .: Adami - Eccher.
REFEREE: Mr. Landoni Luca of Milan. ASSISTANTS: Mrs. Capelli Sara and Mr. Facoetti Cristian of Bergamo.
MARKERS: 25 'pt Vavassori (O), 13' st Maselli (R), 23 'st Troiano (rig.) (O).

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