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filippi-giorgia02CAVARZERE - Last transfer of bitter championship for Imolese who returns from Cavarzere with a passive too heavy (3-1). The rossoblu are protagonists in the first half by exercising a greater possession of the ball and creating different occasions. Antonecchia, with a personal action, dribbles three opponents, then puts in the middle of the small area but none of his companions make it ready. The landlords respond with Longato who takes advantage of a defensive indecision and flies towards the door but in front of Meletti shoots up. Throughout the rest of the first half they are all actions of the Imola with more possession but never with convincing shots.
At 12 'Vancini launches well outside Filippi, who dribbles an opponent but pulls the outside of the net. Two minutes later Antonecchia receives ball back to the door, turns and pulls on the bottom. The same Antonecchia free, with protection and assist for the shot, Giulia Cavalcoli with deviation in the corner. At 19 'here is another nice action for Imola with Salvotti that launches Antonecchia, stopped by the goalkeeper of Gordige. In the second half, after a dangerous action for part, at the 12 ', Cerato shoots a free kick from a tight angle but deceives Meletti scoring the goal of the local advantage.

Five minutes later, the doubling came thanks to Longato, who overtook the Imola goalkeeper with a lob. A photocopied action leads to three goals of the landlords still in goal with Longato.
The Imola tries to react first with captain Funiciello framing but, in the fall, is overwhelmed by the opponents right on the injured ankle so Mr. Poggi prefers to replace it.
At the 34 'Filippi' s gill, which bullies into the area, leads to a goal that shortens distances.

GORDIGE: Maniezzo, Cecchetto (32 'st Pivetta), Amidei, Melato, Trombin, Balasso C., Bondesan, Andreasi, Conventi (1' st Rizzo), Longato, Cerato. Available Piron, Bovolenta, Balasso S ..
IMOLESE: Meletti, Spada, Cimatti, Cavalcoli S., Mancini (39 'St Sintini), Cavalcoli G., Antonecchia, Funiciello (31' St Moiani), Salvotti (16 'st Magrini), Vancini, Filippi. Available De Matteo, Emiliani. All. Poggi.
Referee: Bertozzi di Cesena.
Networks: 12 'st Cerato, 17' st Longato, 27 'st Longato, 34' st Filippi.
Notes: ammonite Conventi, Bondesan, Mancini, Cavalcoli S. Expelled the Gordige doctor.

Mirko Melandri
Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

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