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At the orders of the Umpire Stampatori of Macerata, assisted by the linesmen Biagetti of Rimini and Gianessi of the Cesena section, the landlords of the Castelvecchio and the vice-chief Vittorio Veneto descend on the Comunale di Gambettola.
Under a black sky that does not promise anything good the two teams for the first 25 minutes play mainly in midfield trying to understand the weak point of the opponents.
27 ° remittance action of Guiducci with the ball thrown towards Pondini, this leans against Deidda who gives in to Lisi, pass unmarked for Farnedi, shot of the latter and high ball.
The Venetian team showed up at the 31 'when Norido left a blow that Leontyeva deflected over the crossbar in a corner.
Great opportunity for the guests with Cisotto, three minutes later, on the counterattack receives a pass from Da Re, enters the area and stretches the ball and the ball ends in the arms of Leontyeva.
Two rough contacts of the hosts defenders on captain Erika Lisi, induce the Romagna to protest with the referee to pull out the yellow card.
The race continues on a balance script where the Castelvecchio shows good rhythm and good aggression, without suffering too much, indeed, it is the yellow-green who create dangers near the opponent's goal, but without significant actions.
At the moment of greater pressure by the girls of Mister Nardozza, the advantage of the guests is realized; in fact counterattack at minute 42 'falls on the right wing Simeoni makes a cross in the area, where he catapults Cisetto that hits the ball inflating the network to the left of Leontyeva.
The Castelvecchio reacts but the attacks of the Romagna are imprecise without real goal balls and so ends the first half with the result of one to zero in favor of the visiting team.
Shooting, landlord forward and the 50 ° action Lisi Farnedi, Deidda cross ball in the middle for Venturelli who comes with a moment of delay.
It starts to rain and the heavy field does not help the two teams and the show does not gain with an inevitable drop in pace.
As often happens in football, the attacker does not always bring the result home and even today this saying is confirmed; 61 ° counter-attack of Vittorio Veneto with Cisotto launched and net, but Leontyeva goalkeeper yellow-green is ready and makes a decisive intervention, managing to block the ball.
The second slap comes to the 67 ° on the development of an action in speed, Furlan guess the right diagonal and bag on the precise assist of Simeoni.
The gialloverdi, although in obvious difficulty, manage to react and at the minute 70 Pondini serves Venturelli a delicious filter that the tip with a right shot inflates the net by shortening the result on 1 to 2.
The Castelvecchio begins to believe in the comeback and increases his pressure.
Minute 83 'landed to the limit the usual Lisi, on the ball Pondini that beats in the area where it creates a bit' of confusion but it is reginated to go out with his fists and free the penalty area.
Until the end of the race the house girls try to board the Vittorio Veneto gate but the host defense holds.
The triple whistle comes in and the Castelvecchio leaves the pitch with an unjust defeat.-

Markers: 42 Cisetto (V), 67 'Furlan (V), 70 Venturelli (C).
Leontyeva, Fusconi, Amaduzzi A., Teodorani, Beleffi (67 'Baiocchi), Guiducci (75' Carlini), Deidda, Venturelli, Lisi, Pondini, Farnedi (64 'Vicini).
At the disposal of Pacini, Amaduzzi M., Balacchi, Guidi.
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA

Reginato, Furlan (87 'Tonon), Salamon, Piai, Casagrande, Da Re, Simeoni, Zanella, Cisetto, Norido, De Martin (84' Rossi).
Available Cazzaro, Sommariva, Cettolin, Da Ros.
Coach Gianni FATTOREL

Gambettola (FC) 27 April 2014

Chronicle written by Franco Scolozzi

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