Luserna - Villacidro

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The game played with Villacidro lasts thirty minutes beyond the ninetieth. This is the time spent in feverish waiting for the official news of the defeat of Cuneo in that of Oristano.

In light of what has happened today, the last shift scheduled for Sunday right in the capital of the province Granda will be a real play-off. Only in the event of a tie will a further race be necessary to establish who will acquire the right to participate in the next season at the highest championship.
This will happen in seven days. But first it was necessary to complete the Villacidro practice. The start of the landlord is crackling and after only one minute on the side of Mazzuchetti the head deviation of Spanu ends high. For the first ten minutes it seems like a one-way race with the guests unable to free themselves from the pressing of the valleys. Now even the guests try to set up some offensive maneuver, which is always blocked on the trocar. At the 18 'Spanu is free in front of the goalkeeper who deflects the conclusion on which Sodini arrives first, who does not find the space for the net serve. The same attacker three minutes later on Zorri's throw overtakes two opponents: the conclusion is deflected for a corner.
At 23 'a sudden conclusion from the distance of Panzali catches everyone by surprise but the trajectory ends against the crossbar. On the next action, a header from Spanu is "saved" by a guest player, who is not the goalkeeper. From the spot he transforms D'Ancona.
At 31 'the doubling of Mazzuchetti with a dry diagonal exploiting a horizontal passage of Spanu. At the 39 'Zorri takes the ball for three quarters and starts a shot on which the visiting goalkeeper does not even mention the intervention.
At two of the interval a dangerous conclusion by Atzori under the crossbar, is deflected for a corner by the ever attentive Campanino.
During the rest the news arrives that the Cuneo is blocked on the tie. At the beginning of the second half Sosso takes over from D'Ancona who is in pain because of a fortuitous clash that forced Sancassani to leave the camp in the middle of the village. And just the new entry to the 7 'sends to the side the replied on a conclusion of Bosi subsequent to a corner kick.
Perhaps even for the field made a little heavy by the pouring rain the Lusernese lower the pace by controlling the sterile reaction of Villacidro which takes the form of long-distance conclusions, given the careful local defense guard.
At 22 'Sosso frees himself to the left and from the bottom he puts the edge of the area for the coming Trive. The conclusion ends on the side.
At the 31 'on a raise from the back Spanu shoots eluding the offside, overcomes the outgoing goalkeeper and concludes in the door remained unguarded. Two minutes later Bruno, who had recently entered the triangular field with Sodini and ended up with a goal without leaving the goalkeeper.
At 10 minutes from the end while the news of the advantage of the Oristano arrives, Saiu from the limit with a violent conclusion beats the innocent Campanino who will be protagonist at the 43 'with a double exit on the ground that prevents the conclusion to a guest striker.
The race on the field practically ends here and begins that kind of extra time that we told in the opening.
On Sunday we look forward to all supporters and supporters in Cuneo to support the girls in the demanding meeting in which a season of sacrifice and commitment is played.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Trivè, Bosi, Curcio (from 9 'st Gueli), Bianco, Daniele (from 29' st Bruno), D'Ancona (from 1 'st Sosso), Zorri, Sodini, Spanu, Mazzuchetti. 12 Giovannini, 13 Boggio, 14 Gueli, 15 Massarelli, 16 Sosso, 17 Ippolito, 18 Bruno. Zorri coach

VILLACIDRO VILLGOMME: Mulas, Balestri, Sancassani (from 24 pt Angius Diletta), D'Alessandro, Mattana, Pili, Congiu (from 1 st Contu), Panzali, Saiu, Atzori. 12 Vacca, 13 Angius Diletta, 14 Contu. Gorla coach.

REFEREE: Daniele Allibrandi of Alessandria
ASSISTANTS: Piccone of Turin and Venesia of Nichelino.

NETWORKS: D'Ancona rigorously 24 pt; Mazzuchetti 31 pt; Sodini 33 pt; Zorri 39 pt; Spanu 31 st; Bruno 33 st; Saiu 35 St.

AMMONITE: White 10 st

Alberto Cerruti

In the photograph: Sonia Bianco

Enrico Manassero
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