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oristano-group-vittoria14THARROS. Great test of the girls of Silvetti who beat the Cuneo and take the revenge of the first leg. The sardines start immediately well and impose their game right from the start, the 14 points of difference are not noticed at all. At 10 'sardines are already master of the field, proving to be able to play football. At the 18 'Oristano tries with Romina Pinna, ball out of little; the guests are too low and can not impose themselves and suffer the attack of the opponents. At the 25 'the landlords go very close to the advantage: contact doubt in the area against Pieri, the referee runs. A few minutes later Pieri, in great dust today, tries to shoot, but shoots up. At half an hour the Cuneo passes to the first thrust: launch that cuts the defense, cross for Pesce that the head puts in, Piedmontese ahead. The Oristano is not there and does not seem to have conceded goals and 41 'deserves equalized: Pieri fishing in the Romina Pinna area that does everything well, skips the extreme Piedmontese and serves Mattana a penalty in motion, 1 to 1.

To the drips of the first time the Oristano touches the overtaking on the developments of a corner: scheme with double veil of Pinna and Sotgiu that open the track to Fragni, but the shot does not go well. The Cuneo tries timidly to advance, the first fraction concludes on Pignagnoli's postponement. In the second half, an angry and ready to attack Cuneo was expected, but the landlords set out determined and concentrated. At 48 ', ready to go, Mattana returns the favor by serving Pinna R. in the middle of the area, ball in the corner. The competition is always the sardines; Cuneo not received. At the 68 'Atletico Oristano in the lead: Agus cross that serves Pinna R., controls and shoots in the goal, Asteggiano battito. At the 75 'the Cuneo tries with Zucconelli on a set kick, but it's not much. Sardines prove to have great athletic strength and good ball circulation. At the 81 'the former torresina once again commits Asteggiano which is exceeded, the final minutes are always of the Sardinian brand. The Cuneo comes out defeated from the field Tharros; the Oristano deservedly wins a race dominated from beginning to end.

Atl.Oristano. Pignagnoli, Carta (88 'Arzedi), Pieri, Mattana (60' Deriu), Fragni, Carai, Bonati, Postiglione, Agus, Sotgiu (85 'Razzoli), Pinna R.

Wedge. Asteggiano, Cosso (88 'Fiorese), Arritano, Zucconelli, Giraudo, Pittavino, Librandi, Magnarini, Pesce, Papaleo, Palombin.

Piero Silvetti

Walter Pettinati
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