Tuesday, September 17 2019
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The CF SÜDTIROL wins big for 6-1 the last home of the season against Fortitudo Mozzecane. A game played really well, with very few smudges, with great game geometry, tactical sense and great competition. Just against the Mozzecane, the team of Mister Alberti gave a proof of character, coined by a spectacular game. For the 250 fans, present at the Righi stadium a real "gem" that made them forget the rain that at times came down hard.
In Alberti there are two other important pawns against the Mozzecane: De Luca in defense and Faes in midfield (both injured), replaced by veteran Irene Ferrari in defense and by the fifteen year old Verena Erlacher in midfield. In the end they were two of the best in the field !!

At the beginning he immediately convinced the CFS and at the 9 'Eva Maria Dengg pulls a free-kick from 35 meters that goes just outside. The Mozzecane takes advantage of the restart and often acts counterattack. At 15 'nice action, with a millimeter assist Erlacher serves Torresani who does not have to pray twice and shoves for the 1-0. One minute later he answers the Mozzecane, who immediately draws the score with the n ° 11 Caneo. He tries all the CFS with Pasqualini, Tonelli, Vivirito and Dallagiacoma but at 36 'is the Mozzecane with Peretti to go very close to the advantage for the Mozzecane. In the recovery at the end of the first half Pasqualini believes it, enters the area, (45 '+ 1) and is extended by the defender of the Mozzecane: rigor transformed by Tonelli.
Second half started immediately great from the CFS with a very special Dallagiacoma on Tonelli's assist out of a breath.
The Mozzecane has spent a lot, and starting from the 61 'CFS ramps, even for a more risky tactics of offside fielded by the coach of the Mozzecane, Mafficini that after the third goal is expelled in protest. Gol di Tonelli. At the 69 'Tonelli makes a hat-trick. Dallagiacoma at 70 'brings the CFS on the 5-1 (19 ° seasonal goal his and top scorer of Serie B), while Martina Brunello, who took over at 73' in Verena Erlacher, marks a beautiful 6-1.
Unfortunately, also the Orobica wins 2-1 against Bardolino, as well as the Meda against Brixen, and so we will play in the last 90 '(save playoff) Serie A three next Sunday: All in Bardolino next Sunday. !

In the picture: Torresani is celebrated by Vivirito, Erlacher, Righi and Dengg after the first goal

CF SÜDTIROL: Valzolgher, Brunello G. Ferrari, Torresani, Righi (88 'Tonelli L.), Dengg, Dallagiacoma, Vivirito (81' Varrone), Pasqualini, Tonelli A., Erlacher (73 'Brunello M.) All. Alberti

FORTITUDO MOZZECANE: Mazzurana (70 'Collero), Pecchini, Cordioli, Bindella A., Salaorni, Faccioli, Boni F., Rasetti, Mecenero, Peretti, Caneo (85' Bindella V.) All.

Referee: Mr. Panozzo (Castelfranco), Mazzucchi (Bolzano), Mancini (Merano)

Networks: 15 'Torresani (CFS), 17' Caneo (MOZ), 45 '+ 1 Tonelli (rig), 61' and 69 'Tonelli, 70' Dallagiacoma, 85 'Brunello M.

Notes: 200 spectators around, rainy day,
Ammonita: Vivirito (CFS)
Expelled: Mafficini (Mister Mozzecane)

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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