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San-Zaccaria-2013-14SAN ZACCARIA - The San Zaccaria is dismissed from its audience by centering the 14th consecutive victory in the presence of Virtus Romagna (2-1). The leaders rose to 64 points, a stratospheric booty that testifies to the supremacy of the authors of a ravishing season. At 'Soprani' the biancorosse of mister Leandri return to the field after a long month of rest and face in the derby an adversary chasing points to save the playout. The first phases are of study: Dulbecco pulls to the side of little (15 '), a punishment of Claudia Mariani is foiled by the goalkeeper (24').

At the 27 'Federica Moglie fits and ends on the outside of the net, then two drops on Giorgia Galletti's feet both out, the first after an action by Sara Fratini (31'), the second on a cross by Sara Quadrelli (42 '). The Virtus Romagna has the opportunity to move forward to the 45 'when Dulbecco serves Fogli, closed by the timely and decisive release of Miriam Bonaventura who rejects keeping the score nailed to white goals in the first half. The recovery opens with the sudden advantage of the San Zaccaria: ready via Quadrelli goes in the right lane and supports for Wife who crosses the center finding the peremptory framed by Fratini, which anticipates De Ronzo and signs the 1 to 0 after just 50 'seconds of play. The red and white hold the match by attacking the search for doubling: the attempts of Fratini (4 ') and Galletti (8') go to the side of a breath. At the 10 'percussion of Mariane Gaburro on the left and perfect cross for the accident Erika Santoro that shoots on the fly with the high ball a little over the crossbar. On assists of Galletti, Gaburro sends out, then it is Donata Pancaldi to graze the encore always on football actions placed; in the first circumstance the touch sub-measure of the defender touches the post (27 '), in the second his close shot with a sure shot is rejected by De Ronzo (28'). A minute later deserves the 2 0: the new entrance Simona Cimatti from 25 meters unleashes a beautiful dish that sticks behind the goalkeeper, signing the network that paradoxically closes the derby. The bellariesi react and it takes a decisive exit of Bonaventura to reject the shot of Breccia (32 '). The Virtus tries to reopen the race with a couple of conclusions of Cuomo that are not successful, but it is the San Zaccaria to have the clear chance to triple: Cimatti puts in the middle a ball with the counter for Alessia Prenga that fails a few steps ( 45 '). When there are only a few seconds to the final whistle, Virtus shortens the distance with a Eurogol from the distance at the intersection of the Cannata poles (47 ').

SAN ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Quadrelli, Piolanti, Catena, Wife, Pancaldi, Santoro (80 'Mancarella), Galletti, Fratini (72' Cimatti), Mariani (59 'Prenga), Gaburro. Available: Montanari, Di Marco, Montalti, Canini. All. Leandri.
VIRTUS ROMAGNA: De Ronzo, Cuomo, Matrone (63 'Cannata), Mughetti (61' Ridolfi), Bizzocchi, Breccia, Dulbecco, D'Ippolito, Adejola, Vagnini, Fogli (57 'Grassi). A disp .: Citta. All Maroni.
REFEREE: Rossetti di Ancona.
NETWORKS: 46 'Fratini, 74' Cimatti, 92 'Cannata.

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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