On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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orobica-salvi14The Orobica takes the lead in the championship by winning a difficult game against an opponent who would have deserved more if he had not found the best defense of the championship that this time has proved so. This together with a combative midfield and the dynamism of the tips have contributed to the seal on the attacks in Varese and at the same time have allowed sharp reboots. The meeting, even for the field that did not facilitate the offensive play, was very physical and characterized by the offensive propensity of the landlords and the solidity of the guests. For the occasion Mr. Marini offers the only news of Asperti in midfield. But let's get to the news. After three minutes is the first attempt by Tradate Peccina who is not in the area outside the door and kicked up. Guests could hit at 5 'but Asperti's free-kick from the edge breaks on the barrier. XNXX 'good triangulation between Fodri and Asperti jumping an opponent but his launch in the area is too long for Trojan. At the 8 'arrives the goal of the Orrobica: Asperti retrieves the ball in midfield and serves Fodri that at the limit imbecca in the Vavassori area, miss the intervention a defender and the striker Bergamo mockery with a lob Ventura.

The Tradate suffers the blow and his reaction is exhausted in an unrealistic shot of Gritti to 14 'abundantly out. Subsequently to the 18 'beautiful choral action of the Orrobica with two Valangor-Fodri-Vavassori trangulations with the final launch but unattainable for Riva. A minute later Gritti stretches a good ball to the left in the area and the free defense. Another attempt by Rantuccio to the 23 'without dangers for Salvi. At the 28 'clever cross of Fodri but the ball remains halfway between Vavassori and Riva and Ventura intervenes in the grip. The Orobica continues to manage the advantage without worries, even at the end of the first half is still Fodri to shudder Ventura with a punishment to 41 'that ends on the crossbar. So you go in the locker room with the benefit of the guests. In the second half the Bergamo immediately close to doubling with Fodri who at the 4 'from a good central position in area kicks to the stars after a choral action on the left started by Valente and continued by Troiano and Vavassori. Another dangerous situation at 9 'when Fodri in the center instead of kicking directly, tows the ball allowing the defense to free. At the 14 'salt on the shield Salvi that makes two great parades: first on a shot by Previtali deviated over the crossbar and then on a left wing from the edge rejected by plastic flight in corner. After escaping the dangers, the Orobica returns to be seen at the 17 'again with a good overall action, started by Vavassori for Rimondi that verticalize for Troiano, the bank for Tihsler, but the attacker can not control the ball in the area adequate and the action fades. Responds the Tradate to 23 'with a melee in the area but before Peccina and then Gritti can not conclude the network. Field and heat are starting to be felt and the two teams let themselves go to some mistakes too much and the actions are no longer so linear. So we try from a distance but with poor results like two punishments, one at the 30 'of Trojan and the other at the 32' of Stefanazzi, both ended abundantly out. Still a kick placed from the limit to the 37 'with the relative conclusion of Previtali parade from Salvi centrally that also intervenes later on Stefanazzi. The last jitters of the game reserve the first guests with Troiano that goes down on the left wing and puts a nice ball for Tihsler that does not materialize and then with the same Tihsler who devours the 2 0 to 47 'kicking in the area alone above the crossbar. So it ends with the Orobica measuring victory that takes you back to the top of the league and two games from the end has a great chance of staying in the same position. Now you really need a lot of head and big heart to get to a goal that seemed impossible at the beginning of the season. Next Sunday break for Easter and from the following week Mr. Marini will try to prepare the final rush to the fullest. So let's believe you girls!

TRADED ABBIATE: Ventura, Piccolo, Masciaga, Stefanazzi, Minaudo (from 44 'pt Lunardi) (from 45' st Caffio), Ferrario, Previtali, Peccina, Gritti, Di Lascio, Rantuccio. Available: Mazzon, Signorelli, Larghi, Lunardi, Cassataro, Caffio, Tovaglieri. All .: Ilaria Rivola.
OROBICA CF: Salvi, Pellegrini, Zangari, Valente, Brasi, Vezzoli, Asperti (from 5 'st Tihsler), Riva (from 11' st Rimondi), Vavassori (from 33 'st Rizzo), Troiano, Fodri. Available: De Padova, Rimondi, Ravasio, Rizzo, Tihsler, Quistini, Romans. All .: Marianna Marini.
REFEREE: Mr. Michele Giordano of Novara. ASSISTANTS: Mr. Erind Alimani and Mr. Fabrizio Giorgi of Legnano.
MARKER: 10 'pt Vavassori (O).
AMMONITE: 36 'pt Of Lascio (T), 31' st Fodri (O), 36 'st Rizzo (O).

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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