On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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In the last home match of the season Fiano receives the Ludos of Palermo, a company with important past even at the level of Serie A, which occupies a good position in the standings. The hope of ending the season with a good victory to climb a few steps in the final ranking was unfortunately disappointed. The rossoblu suffered from the heavy absence of Daria Tondelli, leader of the defense and not only, and went into confusion after one-two of the guests in the first quarter of an hour. There remains the great satisfaction of an arithmetically achieved salvation with two rounds of advance, which is almost miraculous if we consider that on the seventh day of the trip, and then after a third of the championship, the points were only two points while in the other two thirds of the path the team was able to make a good twenty more. Absolute merit must therefore be recognized to the girls, to the president Maurizio Demofonte and to all his valid collaborators!
The chronicle of the match. Ready and at the 7 minute the Ludos took the lead with Buttaccio who slings on a long launch of its median, evades the exit of Polletta and deposited the ball in the net with an empty net. At the 13 ° beautiful exchange Turnone - Elisa Novelli with the latter that crosses the center for Topazio which commits the goalkeeper in an effective detour. At the 16 ° Dragotto receives from Buttaccio and pulls hard: the ball is deflected by Montano for the most classic of the authorities. Fiano tries to reopen the race at the 19 ° when Maurilli receives from Elisa Novelli, shows up in solitude in front of Alaimo and realizes with a surgical low shot: 1 to 2. After just three minutes, however, Buttaccio re-establishes the distance in favor of the Ludos exploiting a trademark error of the local defense. At the 36 ° still Buttaccio, left guiltily alone, receives an inviting ball from the distance and marks undisturbed by a few steps. At the 42 ° Noemi Novelli serves an excellent assist to Turnone who, alone, shoots at the extreme defender.
The Fiano Romano does not give up and in the second half still tries to chase a more acceptable result but the quality and clarity are not equal to the desire. At the 10 ° we record a great shot of Elisa Novelli that touches the intersection of the poles. At the 13 ° Giulia Boldrini, just substituted, manages to divert a cross from Turnone on the left, updating the partial on 2 4. At the 18 minute we note a treacherous shot of Topaz that ends just above the crossbar. Then for a good half hour nothing relevant happens. But there is still time for the last mark of Buttaccio, which then packs its quatern, which at the 43 ° sees Polletta well out the door and almost thirty meters overtakes with a lob impregnable! Chapeau!
The comment of the presidentissimo Demofonte: "We have achieved what was the goal of the season, salvation. Of course there is a bit 'of regret because the value of the team deserved a better position. We will treasure the experience for the future. I want to thank everyone but especially the girls for whom it was worth the effort to make many sacrifices ".

Female Fiano Romano - Ludos 2 - 5
Feminine Fiano Romano: Polletta (48 ° st Fani), Sciarra, Montano, Benigni, Boldrini S., Mancini, Topaz, Novelli N. (12 ° st Boldrini G.), Novelli E., Maurilli (32 ° st Lunerti), Turnone Coach: Agostini
Ludos Women's Football: Alaimo, Di Fiore, La Cavera, Cusmà, Easter, Gaaliche, Buttacavoli (32 ° st Barravecchia), Giaimo (1 ° st Giambanco), Dragotto, Buttaccio, La Mattina Available: Pomara, Ammirata Coach: Licciardi
Referee: Esposito of Aprilia
Markers: 7 ° pt, 22 ° pt, 36 ° pt and 43 ° st Buttaccio (LCF), 16 ° pt aut. Montano (FFR), 19 ° pt Maurilli (FFR), 13 ° st Boldrini G. (FFR)
Notes: ammonite Giambanco and Buttaccio (LCF)
Fiano Romano Women's Press Office

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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