Monday, September 16 2019
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mozzecane14A dominant first half does not end with a clearer score and during the recovery some apprehension to keep the advantage until the end. The Fortitudo thus incarnates the 13 ° championship victory. Playing a few games in the Primavera training helps to improve the athletic condition and find a more suitable race rhythm, especially for those girls who are struggling to find the 90 minutes in the first team, but also serves to regain confidence with the goal; goal shoots goal, whatever the level. Rasetti could be the perfect example. After a period of tarnish, he also played a few games in the spring, scored several goals and now managed to repeat himself with the most important formation. Congratulations to Federica Boni who scored his first double in the national championship, a deserved double for the seriousness so far demonstrated.
At the 3 'Rasetti shoots without fail, rejects the Dragon and on the short retorted Rasetti can not put the ball inside; at 8 'Rasetti cross shot from the bottom that surprises the local goalkeeper and gets the 0-1; at the 15 'conclusion from inside the area of ​​Pasqualini with a nice dismissal low of the Colcera; at 16 'low shot of Boni from just inside the area that exceeds Drago to his left; at 30 'cross Rasetti in the middle of the Caneo fishing area in the middle but his turn is too weak;

at 34 'nice cut Peretti for Boni who jumps a defender and puts the ball back into the net this time to the right of the goalkeeper; at 39 'short dismissed the Gialloblù defense from a corner and from outside the flat area Zanelli beat Colcera.
At the 55 'golden opportunity for Rasetti who kicks from the right on the goalkeeper and Caneo arrives slightly delayed allowing the defense to sweep, at the 60' another shot low shot of Caneo that ends just wide; at 66 'long launch of the premises that are unprepared the Colcera and Divina it is easy to deposit the ball on the net; at 72 'Rizzi enters the area and passes the goalkeeper but saves on the line a defender of Trento; at the 78 'occasion of the Trento with Leonesi who throws a shot at the back of the pole.

Thanks to this away win the Fortitudo slightly improves its internal / external balance, but now comes the grand final, first Sudtirol and then Meda, ie two teams fighting for promotion. The Fortitudo has improved well 7 points round trip (second only to Azzurro Trento) and in the last two days could rise even more as the first leg from these two races has collected only one point. Certainly it will be necessary to operate two perfect races to show that the team can also assert itself against the big ones and to show that the team has also grown considerably in terms of personality and character. Book the coaches for Bolzano on time
AT THE STEERING WHEEL: "Dear friend, I am writing to you, so I distract myself a little bit, and then I salute you forever".

Networks: 12 'Rasetti, 18' Boni F. 36 'F, Boni F, 40' Zanelli, 66 'Divina

AZZURRA TRENTO: Drago, Zanelli, Bottura, Boccagni (85 'Betta), Leonesi, Rigon, Forti, Carraro, Pasqualini, Pignatelli (55' Divina), Vitti (71 'Frieri) AD, Peri, Avancini, Cristelli, All. Manfrini

FORTITUDO MOZZECANE: Colcera, Pecchini, Caliari, Faccioli, Cordioli, Sossella, Boni F (89 'Salaorni), Rasetti, Mecenero (56' Rizzi), Peretti, Caneo (78 'Bindella A) AD Mazzurana, Bonamini, Bindella V, Boni D. All. Mafficini

Referee: Bonassoli Filippo di Bergamo - Assistants (-, - of -)
Ammonite: Bottura
Expelled: -

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