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Swing of emotions in the draw obtained by Castelvecchio on the Umbrian field of Foligno, 2 2 the final result, with the Romagnole complaining about some wrong decision of the race director and for a first time to forget.
Ready via Foligno very aggressive part with a high pressure that often puts in difficulty on the restart the Castelvecchio.
Home team immediately close to the advantage with Hashimoto who tries to surprise Pacini with a shot at the palombella but ends up high (9 '); At the 13 beautiful forward action of the Castelvecchio with cross struck by Lisi from the right after an exchange with Guidi, on the rebound the defender anticipates Pondini.

The Umbrian continue to press and at the 19 'Teodorani anticipates sharply in the Hashimoto area but incredibly the referee whistles a non-existent penalty, Ballotti on the ball that does not miss bringing the Foligno ahead.
21 'corner of Pondini hits the head of Teodorani but the ball comes out a little.
Until the 38 'the game does not present other dangerous actions with the romagnole forward is the Foligno who starts off guard.
At 39 '2 0 with the same Ballotti that from the edge of the area is a shot that ends under the crossbar and beats Pacini.
The Castel tries to recover, it creates 2 big occasions with Pondini and Lisi that from inside the area do not frame the door.
44 'another opportunity for Foligno always with Hashimoto who gets rid of the defender and from the edge kicks strong but central, para Pacini.
The first half ends with the result of 2 in 0.
Another race in the second half, with the Castel diving forward and close to the 46 'with Deidda heading to Pondini's cross but the ball ends up high.
Two minutes later, the same action by Foligno with a header by Santucci, para Pacini.
Siege of Romagna; minute 50 'Venturelli anticipates the goalkeeper out but the usual Ballotti saves on the line.
The landlords dropped a bit ', while the gialloverdi continue to push and the 55' with a lashed, Lisi twenty-five meters hits the umpteenth cross.
Shorten the Castelvecchio to the 62 '; Pondini receives the ball at the limit, widens and dwarfs the right opponent goalkeeper Donati.
Continue to press the team of Mister Nardozza and 68 'a shot of Lisi from outside the area ends just above the crossbar.
71 'action in depth of Fusconi leading to the shot Guiducci with a ball that ends off the ground.
Yet another shot of Lisi from the left end of the area two minutes later over the crossbar.
Opposite the Foligno at 77 'a shot of Fabbri ends out.
79 'action of Pondini in speed, jump 2 opponents and instead of getting into the area kicked weakly from the edge, para Donati.
82 'falls on the Lisi band makes a cross for the head of Venturelli that from 5 mt hits the goalkeeper.
A minute later comes the deserved draw for the yellow-conservatives Savignanesi with Fusconi that is the fastest to solve with a touch from a few meters a melee in the area of ​​Foligno.
The Romagnole try to close the match with Teodorani at the 88 °, but Donati the Umbrian extreme makes a great save on a safe shot and saves the result.
Donati is repeated at 91 '; shot by Pondini's volley to the goalkeeper.
It ends in a good and gritty race, with some regret for Castelvecchio for that time 1 given to opponents, but, given the many opportunities for recovery, the final result goes a bit 'close to Romagna.

Markers: 19 'and 39' Ballotti (F), 62 'Pondini (C), 83' Fusconi (C).

Donati, Lattanzi, Ballotti, Zelli, Bussotti, Checche, Santucci, Bianconi, Princes, Hashimoto, Fabbri, Ferraldeschi.
Available Morluso, Pezzotti.
Coach Giuseppe CORTESI

Pacini, Fusconi, Amaduzzi A., Teodorani, Balacchi (46 'Carlini), Guiducci, Deidda (67' Amaduzzi M.), Venturelli, Lisi, Pondini, Guidi (46 'Beleffi).
Available Bertozzi, Farnedi, Baiocchi.
Coach Gianluca NARDOZZA

Foligno 13 April 2014

Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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