Saturday, February 22 2020
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Luserna - Lagaccio friendship

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Luserna returns to success in a race that can be summarized in the raw figures. The Ligurians never engage the home goalkeeper, the premises conclude a lot but out of the mirror and

collect 12 corner kicks.
On the second a conclusion of Bosi ends high. The response of the Ligurians is closed by a masterly diagonal of the same. At the 10 'on the umpteenth corner the goalkeeper smanaccia preventing the winning deviation to Spanu. In twelve minutes the locals collect four corners that do not give results.
At the 19 'flying action Sosso-Sodini-Bruno the conclusion is closed by the defense. At the 31 'Spanu action that ends from the limit to the side. Three minutes later, Sosso launches Mazzuchetti who sends back for Sodini who ends out. After a weak and central conclusion of Sosso, a sporadic counter-attack of the Ligurians is closed by Bosi.
The recovery begins with the Luserna raising the center of gravity and at the 2 'passes. On the corner there is a head deflection. In the middle of the area Manuela Bosi backs to the goal always improves a trajectory that makes fun of the goalkeeper. At 6 'Bruno checks the fly and after a sombrero defender ends up. At the quarter of an hour worthy action Massarelli - Spanu - Sodini the conclusion is high. At this point, even exploiting the changes, the guests try a reaction that, as we have seen, did not smile. The landlords check without problems. Another opportunity for Spanu and the 48 'doubling. On a verticalization Sodini resists the opponent and from the diagonal limit does not give escape to the goalkeeper.
After the break for Easter, Sunday 27 last home homosexual opponents the Sardines of Villacidro with the minimum goal of keeping the Cuneo distance hooking in view of the direct clash in the last day.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Mazzuchetti, Bosi, Massarelli, Bianco, Daniele, Bruno (from 31 st Trive), Zorri, Sodini, Spanu, Sosso (from 37 st D'Ancona). 12 Giovannini, 13 Boggio, 14 Gueli, 15 Trive, 16 D'Ancona, 17 Ruby, 18 Minniti. All. Zorri.

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Albano, Cuneo, Carino (from 29 st Musso), Bonissone, Mele, Bagliano (from 35 St Coli), Merler, Boggero (from 22 st Fossati), Dicu, Nasso. 12 De Luca, 13 Coli, 14 Musso, 15 Brucci, 16 Fossati. All. Errico

NETWORKS: Bosi 2 st; Sodini 48 st

ARBIRO: Sinks of Sesto San Giovanni

ASSISTANTS: Mainero and Maccarone di Pinerolo

Alberto Cerruti

In the photograph: Carol Campanino

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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