Saturday, February 22 2020
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Gallarate. With a dry 0-4 against the Azaleas the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN climbs a place in the standings (thanks to the defeat of the Meda 2-1 in Bardolino) and is at 180 'from the end to a point from Orobica, victorious to work hard for 0-1 against a leathery Tradate. Alberti's girls are struggling to find the right measure against the Azaleas who hold the field well throughout the first half, going close to scoring on two occasions. The CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN is devoid of the injured long-term Menegoni and Settecasi, also of Pasqualini and Faes. Alberti gives confidence to the young Schwienbacher, who leaves for the second time as a manager, after Vicenza, which had scored two goals. The average age of the team that starts CFS in Gallarate is just 22 years, among the youngest of the entire B Series !!

It takes a while to unlock the result: just at the 45 '+ 1 marks a beautiful Dallagiacoma network, certainly one of the best in the field, and as soon as the ball enters the net the referee Maninetti of Bergamo whistles the end of the first half.
In the second half the CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN gains more and more field to the girls of the Azaleas, but you have to wait for the 69 'to see the second network of Altoatesine: Tonelli's punishment from the right fought by the defense again Tonelli who crosses high, comes head Martina Brunello bagging of power. You play only one door at this point and at '84' Torresani Attentats comes in the area: the penalty is transformed with the right technical and coldness by Silvia Vivirito. The CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN makes the poker with Giordana Torresani all'86 'that of right plate bags on a beautiful Cross of Dallagiacoma. The CFS scores, and now ..... dreams !!!!!

CSR.D.AZALEE: Indino, Antonello, Sefalini, Scurati, Czeczka, Chiea, Beraha (76 'Colombaro), Seghetto, Peripolli, Fassi, Barbini. All. Prestifilippo

CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN: Valzolgher, De Luca, Brunello G. (76 'Bon), Torresani, Righi, Dengg, Dallagiacoma, Vivirito, Brunello M. (83' Erlacher), Tonelli A., Schwienbacher (57 'Ferrari). All. Alberti

Referee: Maninetti (Lovere / BG), FERRETTI, FRANCAVILLA.

Networks: 45 '+ 1 Dallagiacoma, 69' Brunello M., 84 'Vivirito (rig), 86' Torresani.

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